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Reverse Engineer

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    Ground Reverse Engineering
    This is a pseudo-profession made up of combining Weaponsmith, Tailor, and Armorsmith to make various skill enhancing attachments (SEA's for ground RE). Reverse Engineering Tools combine junk loot and stat loot through a series of processes to create Clothing, Weapon, or Armor attachments.

    Space Reverse Engineering
    The process to combined looted space components and make them into a new component that takes the best stats of all of the combined items. Master Shipwrights utilize a Component Analysis Tool to enable this process.



    Recommended to Master at least one of the following professions to gain the hidden +10 RE Chance bonus and then the other professions can be Novice only if you desire to make all three types of attachments.
    • Novice Tailor can make Clothing Attachments
    • Novice Armorsmith can make Armor Attachments
    • Novice Weaponsmith can make Weapon Attachments


    Skill Enhancing Attachments are items that are bound to clothing, armor, or weapons to boost your stats. There are a wide variety of stats to modify depending on what your are doing. For example, you could get a SEA that boosts your Opportune Chance, Artisan Experimentation, or Rifle Speed.

    Socketable Items

    Armor setup:
    1. Helmet (Armor)
    2. Left Bicep (Armor)
    3. Right Bicep (Armor)
    4. Left Bracer (Armor)
    5. Right Bracer (Armor)
    6. Gloves (Armor)
    7. Belt, PSG, or Bandolier (Clothing or Armor)
    8. Pants/Leg Armor (Armor)
    9. Boots (Armor)
    10. Weapon (Weapon, Exotic Slot)
    11. Breastplate (Armor, Exotic Slot)
    12. Shirt (Clothing, Exotic Slot)

    Clothing setup:
    1. Hat
    2. Gloves
    3. Belt
    4. Pants
    5. Shoes
    6. Sash/Bandolier (if no backpack)
    7. Weapon (Weapon, Exotic Slot)
    8. Breastplate (Armor, Exotic Slot)
    9. Shirt (Clothing, Exotic Slot)

    Core Stats & Exotics

    Core Stats
    • Melee General
    • Ranged General
    • Defense General
    • Toughness
    • Endurance
    • Opportune Chance
    • Camouflage
    • Any other stat (i.e. Weapon Speed, Experimentation, Assembly, Accuracy...)

    Example Crafting Suit

    • Exotics: Weapon Assembly, Weapon Experimentation, Opportune Chance
    • Non-Exotics (Core Stats): Opportune Chance

    Example Combat SEAs

    • Exotics: Rifle Speed, Rifle Accuracy, Rifle Special Attack Cost (SAC)
    • Non-Exotics (Core Stats): Toughness, Ranged General, Defense General

    HOW IT WORKS - Ground

    Reverse Engineering Tool

    Grab a 10.0 and take a look at the options:
    • Set Type - Change to a Armor, Clothing, or Weapon Attachment
    • Reverse Engineer - Creates a Power Bit or a Modifier Bit based on what you have inside the tool
    • Create Skill Enhancing Attachment - Used for the final product of a Power Bit + Modifier Bit
    • Create Powerup - Used for the final product of a Power Bit + Modifier Bit

    Junk Loot

    • Any item that says "Can be Sold to a Junk Dealer
    • *Exclusions: Clamps, Serum, Bundle of Tools, Attach Cases, Tool Kits, and items that do not stack
    • Typical value to a RE: 1.0-1.5k per item

    Stat Loot

    • Single Stat Loot
    • Typically valuable with stats of +21 to +23

    • 2/3/4 Stat Loot
    • Note that for multiple stat items, the RE process only takes into account the highest stat (i.e. 20 in example below)
    • All valuable, used to convert Power Bits to 3rd Order (more below)

    Skill Enhancing Attachment (SEA)

    These Skill/Stat Enhancing Attachments are permanent fixtures to the clothing, armor, or weapon you attach them to.

    Power Bits
    • A Power Bit is created by Reverse Engineering a piece of Stat Loot
    • A Power Bit has a Strength from +1 to +35. You raise the Strength by continually Reverse Engineering Stat Loot (see process below)
    Modifier Bits
    • A Modifier Bit is created by Reverse Engineering two pieces of junk loot together with specific combinations
    • A Modifier Bit has a stat (i.e. Armor Experimentation) and a Ratio (i.e. 4, see list at bottom of page)
    Skill Enhancing Atrachment
    • When combining a Power Bit with a Modifier Bit, you take the Strength divided by the Ratio to calculate the final stat mod. (i.e. 35/4= +8 Armor Assembly)
    • Clothing Attachments (CA)
    • Armor Attachments (AA)
    • Weapon Attachments (WA)

    Basic SEA Process

    • Process 1: Reverse Engineer a piece of Stat Loot to yield a Power Bit. Using an RE Enhance Module keeps the strength of the Power Bit high when RE'ing a piece of Stat Loot.
    • Process 2: Reverse Engineer two pieces of Junk Loot to yield a Modifier Bit. Utilize to find proper combinations of junk loot for the stat you're looking for
    • Process 3: Reverse Engineer a Power Bit and a Modifier Bit with 'Create Skill Enhancing Attachment' to yield an Attachment (select which type -weapon, armor, or clothing- on the tool)


    Raise Power Bit Strength

    The higher your RE Chance and Opportune Chance, the faster and more successful you will be at increasing the Strength of your Power Bits.
    • Process 4: Attach your SEA to a socketed item (typically Weapon Decorative Knife, Armor Ubese Shirt, or Clothing Shirts) to create a new Statted item
    • Process 5: Reverse Engineer your new Statted Item to yield a (hopefully) higher Power Bit strength

    Multi-Stat SEA's

    In order to create a SEA with multiple stats (35/35/35 for example), the SEA must undergo several levels of processing.


    3rd Order Power Bit

    • Combine SEA into Socket Item
    • Grab a 2-Stat, 3-Stat, or 4-Stat Loot
    • Stats do not matter so use lower stats like 10-20
    • RE Process: Socketed SEA Item + 2/3/4 Stat Loot Item
    • Output: 3rd Order Power Bit

    Power Ups

    These skill boosting Power Ups have a strength, quantity of uses, and a limited duration in which the stat modifier is applied for.

    Basic Power Up Process:
    • Process 1: Reverse Engineer a piece of Stat Loot to yield a Power Bit
    • Process 2: Reverse Engineer two pieces of Junk Loot to yield a Modifier Bit
    • Process 3: Reverse Engineer a Power Bit and a Modifier Bit with 'Create Powerup' to yield an Powerup (select which type on the tool)

    Common Power Ups:
    • Weapon or Armor Assembly for repairs
    • RE Chance for leveling power bits


    RE Chance Cap (49)

    RE Chance will have a significant effect on how many times it takes to increase a Power Bit to be +35.
    • (5) RE Deconstruction Arm
    • (11) Weapon power up- 10's are more common
    • (11) Clothing power up - 10's are more common
    • (11) Chest power up - 10's are more common
    • (4) Weapon with built in (1) + RE chance SEA (3)
    • (4) Chest with built in (1) + RE chance SEA (3)
    • (3) Shirt with RE chance SEA

    Crafting Suit

    • (4*) Weapon with built in (1*) + RE chance SEA (3)
      • *Built-in must be crafted with a Weapon Power Bit while building the weapon - must be CL6 or higher to use knife with Basic Weapon Core
    • (4) Chest with built in (1) + RE chance SEA (3)
      • Built-in must be crafted while constructing the breastplate itself
    • (3) Shirt with RE chance SEA

    RE Cybernetic Arm

    This is a reward from completing the High Quality Resource Collection. When you receive a pop-up while surveying, you need to select "Search for a high purity sample" 5 separate times for Mineral, Chemical, Gas, Organic, Water, and Geo-Thermal Energy.

    Note: Cannot be done with the Complete Resource Surveying Tool!
    • +110 Opportune Chance
    • +5 RE Chance
    • Replaces Right Bracer & Right Bicep

    Opportune Chance

    In addition to RE Chance, Opportune Chance will help level the Power Bit faster. There are ways to get much more luck, but here are some basics to get around +550
    • (420) Full +35 OC on 12 items
    • (28) Dustcrepe foods
    • (100) OC Entertainer Buff

    Bake-in Stats

    To bake-in a weapon or armor power bit, you need the equivalent power bit level to grant the final power.

    For example, an RE armor bit with a ratio of 10 must have an associated power bit between 25-35 to yield RE +1.

    RatioPower BitPower
    1 (Core Stats)3514
    3 (Assembly)30-354
    4 (Experimentation)30-353
    10 (RE Chance)25-351

    RE Enhance Modules

    Enhance Modules are suggested for:
    • Breaking down stat loot into a Power Bit

    Less definitively so for:
    • Creating Power Ups
    • Converting to 3rd Order Power Bits


    SWG JunkYard

    List of Junk Loot combinations -
    List of Stat Modifiers -

    Ensure you select Restoration combinations!

    Deot Hafe YouTube

    Although the videos are a decade old they are very handy in understanding the basics of RE in R3

    R3 RE Quick Reference Guide



    In order to get the maximum RE enhancement including the +1% component bonus, you will need:
    • Master Shipwright
    • Reverse Engineering Chance +10
    The additional +10 can most commonly come from the RE Cybernetic Arm (+5), SEAs (+9-11), or RE Chance Power Ups (~10).

    HOW IT WORKS - Space


    A Component Analysis Tool is crafted by a Novice Shipwright and is experimented on for number of charges

    • Insert exactly the number of components equal to the RE Level of the component
    • Radial and hit "Analyze Component" to complete the Reverse Engineering process
    • The tool looks at all components and picks the best overall stat for each category applies the Bonus % (see below)

    Component Bonuses

    Numbers reflect +1% bonus with +10 RE Chance. Note: this % is a multiplicative increase % and not at all related to space evaluation %.

    RE LevelBonus % (with 1% RE Chance Bonus)# of Parts Required
    Level 107%10
    Level 96%9
    Level 86%8
    Level 75%7
    Level 65%6
    Level 54%5
    Level 44%4
    Level 33%3
    Level 23%2
    Level 12%1

    Component Attributes

    All components have an armor attribute, but it is only listed on those that it is relevant on.

    • Armor
    • Mass
    • Drain
    • Mass
    • Energy
    • Recharge Rate
    • Consumption
    • Acceleration
    • Booster Speed

    • Reactor Drain
    • Mass
    • Energy
    • Recharge Rate
    • Reactor Drain
    • Mass
    • Droid Command Speed
    • Reactor Drain
    • Mass
    • Engine Pitch
    • Engine Yaw
    • Engine Roll
    • Engine Top Speed

    • Mass
    • Reactor Generation Rate

    • Reactor Drain
    • Mass
    • Front HP
    • Back HP
    • Recharge Rate
    • Reactor Drain
    • Mass
    • Minimum Damage
    • Maximum Damage
    • Versus Armor
    • Versus Shields
    • Energy per Shot
    • Refire Rate



    Bit Ratio List (Ground)

    Core Stats

    Core StatsRatio
    Skill Mod
    Opportune Chance1
    Ranged General1
    Melee General1
    Endurance (Action)1
    Toughness (Health)1
    Defense General1

    Combat Exotics

    Skill Mod
    1-H Melee Critical Chance10
    1-H Melee Action Cost10
    1-H Speed2
    1-H Accuracy2
    1-H Melee Damage14
    2-H Melee Action Cost10
    2-H Speed2
    2-H Accuracy2
    2-H Melee Critical Chance10
    2-H Melee Damage14
    Carbine Action Cost10
    Carbine Speed2
    Carbine Accuracy2
    Carbine Critical Chance10
    Carbine Damage14
    Heavy Weapon Speed2
    Heavy Weapon Accuracy2
    Heavy Weapon Action Cost10
    Heavy Weapon Critical Chance10
    Heavy Weapon Damage14
    Pistol Action Cost10
    Pistol Speed2
    Pistol Accuracy2
    Pistol Critical Chance10
    Pistol Damage14
    Polearm Action Cost10
    Polearm Speed2
    Polearm Accuracy2
    Polearm Critical Chance10
    Polearm Damage14
    Rifle Action Cost10
    Rifle Speed2
    Rifle Accuracy2
    Rifle Critical Chance10
    Rifle Damage14
    Unarmed Action Cost10
    Unarmed Speed2
    Unarmed Accuracy2
    Unarmed Critical Chance10
    Unarmed Damage14

    Crafting Exotics

    Skill Mod
    Armor Assembly3
    Armor Experimentation4
    Artisan assembly3
    Artisan experimentation4
    Clothing Assembly3
    Clothing Experimentation4
    Droid assembly3
    Droid experimentation4
    Food Assembly3
    Food Experimentation4
    Medical Assembly (BE)3
    Medical Experimentation (BE)4
    Reverse Engineering Chance10
    Structure Assembly3
    Structure Experimentation4
    Weapon Assembly3
    Weapon Experimentation4
    Advanced [Component] Assembly3
    Advanced Component Experimentation4
    Booster Assembly3
    Booster Experimentation4
    Chasis Assembly3
    Chassis Experimentation4
    Engine Assembly3
    Engine Experimentation4
    Power Systems [Assembly]3
    Power Systems Experimentation4
    Shield Experimentation4
    Shields Assembly3
    Weapon Systems [Assembly]3
    Weapon Systems Experimentation4

    Jedi Modifiers

    Skill Mod
    Two-Hand Lightsaber Damage14
    Two-Hand Lightsaber Action10
    Polearm Lightsaber Damage14
    Polearm Lightsaber Action Cost10
    One-Handed Lightsaber Damage14
    One-Handed Lightsaber Action Cost10
    Lightsaber Experimentation5
    Lightsaber Assembly3
    Force Accuracy2
    Force Power Regeneration2

    Miscellaneous (incomplete)

    Skill Mod
    Combat Medic Speed2
    Creature Critical Chance10
    Critical Chance Increase15
    Critical Hit Reduction4
    Cybernetic Assembly3
    Cybernetic Experimentation4
    Dance Knowledge3
    Dance Prop Assembly3
    Dancing Enhancement3
    Droid Critical Chance10
    Droid Speed3
    Fervent Mutation10
    Focused Enzyme Manipulation10
    Heal Action Cost Reduction10
    Healing Potency8
    Incubation Time Reduction3
    Instrument Assembly3
    Music Knowledge3
    Musical Enhancement3
    PvP Critical Chance10
    Terrain Negotiation2
    Thrown Weapon Accuracy2
    Thrown Weapon Speed2
    Tracking Droids4

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