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    Tailors are some of the most fun and wonderful folks in the galaxy who can make you look and feel your best. All-in-all, Tailor is a relatively easy profession to get started with due to relatively generic resource requirements where quality is not an issue. Successful Tailors get a client base of players who want to look amazing often end up doing custom orders to get the exact right look. With ~350 different basic clothing item options and typically over ~100 color options it becomes difficult to stock every potential clothing combination.

    Primary Products

    • Bandoliers
    • Belts
    • Bodysuits
    • Bracelets
    • Cloaks
    • Dresses
    • Footwear
    • Handwear
    • Headwear
    • Jackets
    • Necklaces
    • Pants
    • Rings
    • Robes
    • Shirts
    • Skirts
    • Vests
    • Wearable Containers (bags)
    • Wookiee Garb
    • Ithorian Clothes
    • Invisible appearance items
    • Socketed Shirts for Reverse Engineers


    Tailor grinding is one of the slower professions, however, expect it to only take a few hours with proper materials.
    • Ribbed Shirt (Fiberplast, Metal)
    • Until X4XX then Cartridge Belts (Inert Petro, Steel)

    Key Resources

    Resource Types

    Luckily Tailor resources are generally very generic, although you should stock up with some of the following:
    • Fiberplast
    • Various Hides
    • Inert Petrochemical
    • Polymer
    • Gems
    • Metals

    Resource Quality

    • Tailor products do not need to be experimented on and therefore resource quality does not matter


    Basic clothing doesn't require sub-components, however, more advanced clothing will typically require several components from factory crates.

    Fighter Flightsuit Example:


    • Armor Padding
    • Cargo Pocket
    • Fiberplast Panel
    • Jewelry Setting
    • Metal Fasteners
    • Reinforced Fiber Panel
    • Shoe Sole
    • Synthetic Cloth
    • Trim

    Wearable Containers

    • Bounty Hunter Pack
    • Lightweight Military Pack
    • Military Travel Pack
    • Pouch Belt
    • Spec-Ops Pack
    • Tech Pack
    • Travel Pack

    Invisible Items

    These items can be worm to cover up other

    • Belt
    • Gloves
    • Jacket
    • Left Bicep
    • Left Bracelet
    • Left Bracer
    • Necklace
    • Right Bicep
    • Right Bracelet
    • Right Bracer
    • Vest
    • No Bandolier, Pants, Helmet


    Color Palettes

    List of items & what palette(s) they use is below in the appendix.

    Special Schematics

    Witches of Dathomir Vendor

    • Nightsister clothing - 'B' color palette
    • Singing Mountain Clan clothing - 'A' color palette
    • Note - can be worn by both female and male characters

    Crafted Pilot Ace Jackets

    • From Space Battle vendors
    • Imperial Ace Pilot Jacket, Pivateer Ace Pilot Jacket, Rebel Ace Pilot Jacket
      • Require Petrochemical Asteroid

    Quarantine Zone Schematics

    • Prison Guard Pants, Prison Guard Jacket, Prison Jumpsuit
    • No color options

    Special Backpacks

    • Ayelixe/Krongbing Textiles Survival Backpack - looted backpack schematic with stats
      • Kashyyyk Fiberplast & Leathery Hide
    • Ayelixe/Krongbing Textiles Survival Backpack V2 - looted backpack schematic with high stats
      • Kashyyyk Fiberplast & Leathery Hide

    Tailor Unique Schematic

    • Socket Retrofitting Tool (Granted at Master Tailor)
      • Allows the removal of Skill Enhancing Attachments (SEAs) from Clothing, Weapons, and Armor
      • When used, the SEA is destroyed and the socket becomes available.

    (Thank you Seilene!)

    External Resources


    Tailor Crafting Suit

    • Typically a Tailor will just need to get a crafting suit with bonus to Clothing Assembly


    • In order to guarantee a socket on crafted clothing, Clothing Assembly needs to be at +160 or higher

    Master List of Clothing Items


    Bandolier Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Ammo BandolierLinkC
    Dark SashLinkC-C
    Mercenary BandolierLinkC
    Multipocket BandolierLinkC
    Rank SashLinkC
    Shoulder StrapLinkC
    Two-Strap BandolierLinkE


    Belt Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Black Leather BeltLinkD-C
    Bristle Hide BeltLinkD-C
    Cartridge BeltLinkD-C
    Decorated BeltLinkD-C
    Dignified BeltLinkD-C
    Fancy BeltLinkD-C
    Grenadier's BeltLinkD-C
    Leather BeltLinkD-C
    Multipocket BeltLinkC
    Simplified BeltLinkD-C
    Small Pocket BeltLinkD-C
    Strap BeltLinkD-C
    Suit BeltLinkD-C
    Two Pocket BeltLinkC
    Utility BeltLinkC
    Widebuckle BeltLinkD-C
    Workman's BeltLinkD-C


    Bodysuit Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Fighter FlightsuitLinkA
    Heavy FlightsuitLinkA
    Infiltration SuitLinkA
    Ithorian Athletic GearLinkF-Fx
    Ithorian Comfort-FlexLinkA-Ax
    Ithorian Leather GearLinkA-Ax
    Ithorian Nath-Nath Ball OutfitLinkA-Ax
    Ithorian Technical SuitLinkF-Fx
    Ithorian Tight Fit JumpsuitLinkA-Ax
    Reinforced JumpsuitLinkF-B
    Revealing FleshwrapLinkAx
    Tactical SkinsuitLinkA-A
    Trader's FlightsuitLinkA
    Transport FlightsuitLinkA


    NameLinkColor Palette
    Cloak (Hood Up)LinkB


    Dress Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Administrator's RobeLinkA-A
    Cloaked DressLinkD-Cx
    Councilman's RobeLinkD-Ax
    Decorative DressLinkA-Ax
    Doctor's DressLinkA-Cx
    Elegant GownLinkA-Ax
    Exotic LeotardLinkCx
    Exquisite GownLinkAx
    Formal GownLinkA-Ax
    Grand Ball GownLinkA-Ax
    Grand Healer's RobeLinkA-Bx
    Intricate DressLinkAx
    Ithorian Elder's DressA-Ax
    Longsleeve GownLinkA-Ax
    Loose DressLinkA-Ax
    Luxurious GownLinkC-Cx
    Maiden's DressLinkC-Ax
    Patterned Slip DressLinkA-Ax
    Plain RobeLinkAx
    Plain Short RobeLinkA-Cx
    Pleated DressLinkAx
    Sleeveless DressLinkA-Ax


    Footwear Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Casual ShoesLinkC-C
    Dress ShoesLinkC
    Dress SlippersLinkF-CX
    Hide BootsLinkC
    High Quality BootsLinkC
    Paneled BootsLinkB-C
    Snow BootsLinkC-C
    Standard BootsLinkB-C
    Sturdy BootsLinkC-B
    Thermal BootsLinkC-B
    Uniform BootsLinkC-C
    Women's ShoesLinkFX
    Wrapped BootsLinkB-B


    Handwear Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Cold Weather GlovesLinkAX
    Heavy GlovesLinkCX
    Ithorian Leather Work GlovesAX
    Leather GlovesLinkBX
    Leather Work GlovesLinkCX
    Link-Steel Reinforced GlovesLinkCX
    Long Leather GlovesLinkC
    Long Uniform GlovesLinkA
    Tipless GlovesLinkC-C
    Workman's GlovesLinkC


    Headwear Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Bake Master's CapLinkC-AX
    Decorative HeaddressLinkA-A
    Grand Twi'lek HeadpieceLinkA-CX
    Ithorian Ceremonial GarbC-CX
    Ithorian NewsboyX
    Ithorian Racing GearX
    Ithorial Religious CapX
    Kitchen Master's HatLinkA-CX
    Large HeadwrapLinkAX
    Lekku Ys'rakLinkC-AX
    Pouffy Ithorian Chef HatC-AX
    Small Ithorian Chef HatC-AX
    Swoop HelmLinkA-AX
    Twi'lek Bone CrestLinkC-DX
    Twi'lek Lekku WrapLinkAX
    Warm HatLinkA-AX


    Jacket Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Belted JacketLinkA-AX
    Casual JacketLinkAX
    Chef's ApronLinkA-AX
    Cold Weather JacketLinkA-AX
    Desert Command JacketLinkA-CX
    Dress RobeLinkF-FX
    Dress Uniform JacketLinkA-D-AX
    Flared JacketLinkAX
    Heavy Reinforced JacketLinkA
    Ithorian ApronLinkA-Ax
    Ithorian Block Panel JacketLinkA-Cx
    Ithorian Cargo JacketLinkC-Cx
    Ithorian Dress JacketLinkA-Ax
    Ithorian Fade Pattern JacketLinkA-Cx
    Ithorian Frilled JacketLinkx
    Ithorian Heavy JacketLinkx
    Ithorian Jazzy JacketLinkx
    Ithorian Light PulloverLinkx
    Ithorian Med Team JacketLinkx
    Ithorian Officer's JacketLinkx
    Ithorian OvershirtLinkx
    Ithorian Short Cargo JacketLinkx
    Ithorian Short Trim JacketLinkx
    Ithorian Sports PulloverLinkx
    Ithorian Tech JacketLinkx
    Ithorian Warm JacketLinkx
    Labor JacketLinkAX
    Long Formal JacketLink(Imperial Colors)
    Padded JacketLinkA-A
    Pilot's JacketLinkA-C
    Reinforced JacketLinkA-A
    Reinforced PulloverLinkA-A-A-A
    Rugged JacketLinkA-A
    Scout JacketLinkA-A
    Shortsleeve JacketLinkA
    Sleeveless JacketLinkA
    Spec-Ops DusterLinkB-B
    Suit JacketLinkA
    Tight JacketLinkA-B
    Vested JacketLinkA-A
    Wooly JacketLinkB
    Fancy Jacket (wearables_name:[jacket_s48]A-A


    Pant Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Basic CamosLinkB-B
    Bikini LeggingsLinkA-D
    Casual PantsLinkA-A
    Comfortable SlacksLinkA
    Crafter's PantsLinkA-A
    Desert CrawlersLinkA-A-C
    Dress SlacksLinkA
    Hot PantsLinkA-A
    Infiltrator LeggingsLinkA
    Ithorian Aquatic Pantaloon
    Ithorian Baggies
    Ithorian Buckle Pants
    Ithorian Camos
    Ithorian Cargo Pants
    Ithorian Casual Shorts
    Ithorian Heavy Pantaloon
    Ithorian Heavy Pants
    Ithorian Jungle Shorts
    Ithorian Khakis
    Ithorian Meshweave Pants
    Ithorian Mystic Pants
    Ithorian Pants w/Knee Pads
    Ithorian Patrol Pants
    Ithorian Plated Pantaloon
    Ithorian Reinforced Trousers
    Ithorian Striped Pants
    Ithorian Three Striped Pants
    Ithorian Twin Striped Pants
    Large Pocket PantsLinkA-A
    Lined ShortsLinkA-A
    Padded WorkpantsLinkD-A
    Paramilitary CamosLinkA-A
    Pocketed ShortsLinkA-A-C
    Pocketed Work PantsLinkA
    Quilted PantsLinkA-A
    Reinforced PantsLinkC-A
    Ribbed PantsLinkA-A
    Short SkirtLinkA-AX
    Short WrapLinkA-A
    Strange Ithorian PantsA-Ax
    Striped PantsLinkA-A
    Striped SlacksLinkA-A
    Thin Striped PantsLinkA-A
    Winged HawtpantsLinkC-Ax
    Work SlacksLinkA
    Wrinkled PantsLinkA



    NameLinkColor Palette
    Double RobeLinkA-A
    Grand Mayoral RobeLinkB-A
    Gunman's DusterLinkB
    Ithorian Merchant's Robe
    Ithorian Priest's Robe
    Robe of HonorLinkA-A
    Wookiee SmockLinkBx


    Shirt Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Casual ShirtLinkA-A
    Dress BlouseLinkAX
    Dress ShirtLinkA
    Flared Cuff ShirtLinkA-A
    Flex-form ShirtLinkA-A
    Formal ShirtLinkA
    Formfitting UndershirtLinkA-A
    Ithorian Easy Fit Shirt
    Ithorian Fade Dyed Shirt
    Ithorian Fiery Shirt
    Ithorian Frilly Shirt
    Ithorian Half Sweater
    Ithorian Knitted Shirt
    Ithorian Long Sweater
    Ithorian Mystic Shirt
    Ithorian Sport Shirt
    Ithorian Striped Shirt
    Ithorian Supported Shirt
    Ithorian Tight Fit Shirt
    Ithorian Two Pocket Shirt
    Ithorian Two Tone Shirt
    Leather Trim ShirtLinkA-B
    Light BustierLinkAx
    Lined WorkshirtLinkA-A
    Longsleeve ShirtLinkA
    Low-Cut TopLinkA-Cx
    Metal BikiniLinkD-Cx
    Muscle ShirtLinkA-A
    Plain ShirtLinkA
    Reinforced Work ShirtLinkA-C
    Revealing BikiniLinkDx
    Revealing TopLinkAx
    Ribbed ShirtLinkA-A
    Shortsleeve ShirtLinkA
    Sidebuttoned ShirtLinkA
    Simple ShirtLinkA
    Small BustierLinkAx
    Soft UndershirtLinkA-A
    Sports BustierLinkA-Ax
    Sports WrapLinkAx
    Suit ShirtLinkA-A
    Trim Lined ShirtLinkA
    Wookiee Under Armor ShirtAx
    Wooly ShirtLinkA


    Skirt Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Belted SkirtLinkA-Dx
    Decorative SkirtLinkA-Dx
    Extremely Revealing SkirtLinkA-Dx
    Fashionably Pleated SkirtLinkA-Ax
    Ithorian Hemmed Skirtx
    Ithorian Patterned Skirtx
    Ithorian Striped Skirtx
    Modest SkirtLinkA-Ax
    Noble SkirtLinkA-Dx
    Pleated SkirtLinkA-Ax
    Refined SkirtLinkA-Ax
    Thin Pleated SkirtLinkC-Bx
    Two-Tone Formal SkirtLinkA-A
    Wrapped SkirtLinkA-A


    Vest Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Belted VestLinkA-A
    Cargo VestLinkC
    Crested VestLinkA-A
    Decorative VestLinkA-A
    Ithorian Lifejacketx
    Long VestLinkA
    Mangy VestLinkA
    Outdoorsman VestC-C
    Padded PulloverLinkA-A
    Short VestLinkA-A
    Simple VestLinkC

    Wearable Containers (Backpacks)

    Backpack Catalogue

    Bounty Hunter PackLink
    Military Travel PackLink
    Spec-Ops PackLink
    Tech PackLink
    Travel PackLink

    Wookiee Garb

    Wookiee Catalogue

    NameLinkColor Palette
    Crested Battle PaddingLinkC-Cx
    Decorative Waist WrapLinkB-Dx
    Heavy Shoulder PadLinkB-Bx
    Patterned Wookiee GlovesLinkC-Cx
    Sigiled Waist WrapLinkB-C-Cx
    Simple Waist WrapLinkB-Cx
    Tree-Dweller's HoodLinkC-Cx
    Weighted Waist WrapLinkC-Dx
    Weighted Wookiee HoodLinkD-Cx
    Weighted Wookiee PulloverLinkD-Cx
    Wookiee Arm WrapsLinkC-Bx
    Wookiee Battle PaddingLinkC-Dx
    Wookiee Hide JerkinLinkB-Cx
    Wookiee Padded GlovesLinkC-Cx
    Wookiee Sage's HoodLinkC-Cx
    Wookiee Shoulder PadLinkC-Cx
    Wookiee Strapped GlovesLinkC-Cx
    Wookiee Traveller's HelmLinkA-D-Ax

    -SoloWest, July 2022