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    Artisan x4xx​

    Chefs provide Food and drinks for a wide variety of occasions. Food and Drink provide buffs to various Attributes and will fill part of the respective Food and Drink meters, which slowly digest (decay) to allow more food and Drink to be consumed.​

    The Grind - Getting to Master​

    Required (Chef Profession only):
    914,200 Food Crafting XP
    135k Credits (for training)

    The following guide provides a relatively straightforward way to get from notice to master.
    The resources do not need to be of high quality. Find or harvest the cheapest you can.
    A Crafting macro is recommended to speed up the process.
    With a decent Crafting macro and all of the materials already gathered you can achieve master chef from novice in under an hour.

    The following XP amounts and requirements assume:
    - You do NOT have an experience buff from an Entertainer.
    - You craft using practice mode for the experience bonus.

    StageXP NeededRecipeXP EachTotal QuantityRequired ResourcesNotes
    Artisan --> Novice Chef29,700 General CraftingGeneral C rafting Tool546551100 Metal (12 M / 4 M / 4M each)* See Below
    Desserts I --> Desserts III134,400 Food CraftingSoypro1092124
    1240 Cereal, 1240 Vegetables (10 C / 10 V each)
    Desserts IV-> Master Chef779,800 Food CraftingKiwik Clusjo Swirl35492208800 Berries, 4400 Fruits, 4400 Water (40 B / 20 F / 20 W each)Berries are not "Fruits". Be sure you get "Fruits" and not "Fruit"(singular).

    * Artisan Tree Mastery. My suggestion for the General Crafting XP would be to make General Crafting Tools. These only have three components (other items have more), and use any type of metal. I would also suggest running a few Artisan Crafting missions which reward around 500 General Crafting XP plus some credits. See the Artisan page for more information on gaining General Crafting XP

    Becoming A True MasterChef​


    Useful Chef Links​