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Advanced Crafting Gear

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    Below is a compiled list of advanced crafting equipment, tools, and otherwise helpful game mechanics that can be used to create the best possible items in the game.


    Capped Craft Tools

    • Crafting tools will cap at 15.0 and are used to boost the assembly phase base result

    Capped Craft Stations

    • Crafting stations will cap at 45.0 and are used to boost the assembly phase result

    Complete Survey Tool

    More of a vanity item, this tool combines all of the resources types into one survey tool and can be purchased from the Imperial or Rebel token vendor. NOTE: You cannot get progress towards sampling collections while using this tool.

    Resource Recyclers

    Recyclers take any specific named resource and turn it into a generic resource with a low 200 level quality. Instead of having a specific name, the new resource is called 'Smelted Iron' or 'Low Grade Ore' for example. This is especially useful if a schematic does not need high quality materials so you can simply use a 'generic chemical' resource.

    These looted schematics are crafted by artisans and also require other looted subcomponents listed below.


    Entertainer inspiration buffs are highly recommended and will assist in resource gathering, quality of crafts, and extraction of resources.

    Resource Quality

    • A 10pt Ent can give a 2% resource quality boost and a 17+pt Ent (Musician xx4x) can give a 4% resource quality boost

    Factory Speed

    • Yields a +25% decrease in item creation time in factories while the character is logged in

    Amazing Success Chance

    • Gives a +2% increased chance to have an amazing success experimentation
    • Results are inconclusive as to how this buff works exactly or the effectiveness of the buff

    Hand Sampling

    • Yields an extra 10% of resource when hand sampling

    Harvest Faire

    • If you receive the buff before dropping your harvester it will yield +5% resource until you pick up the harvester, even if changing resource
    • Results do not appear this buff is working correctly

    Crafting Assembly

    • Adds +5 assembly stat while crafting primarily for repairs

    Opportune Chance

    • Can add up to an additional +100 opportune chance to your character

    Excellent buff builder website:


    Craft Suits

    Crafting suits are common to boost stats that create the highest quality items. Essentially you will have a Reverse Engineer create a weapon, an armor, and a clothing attachment and put it in respective socketed wearables.

    Exotic Equipment Items

    • Weapon - Decorative Knife (Exotic Slot)
    • Breastplate (Exotic Slot)
    • Shirt (Exotic Slot)

    Common Suit Stats

    • +11 Assembly (+33 total)
    • +7-8 Experimentation (+21-24 total)
    • +35 Opportune Chance (+105 total)

    Opportune Chance

    • Contributes to Lucky experimentation procs, which yield 8.4% per point vs 8.0% for an amazing success
    • Can have a Lucky item repair, which reduces the amount of condition lost


    • +160 assembly guarantees a socket in clothing, armor, and weapons
    • Assembly also contributes to repairing weapons and armor


    • During the experimentation phase you receive the amount of points as your experimentation skill divided by 10 (i.e. +123 experimentation skill is +12 points)
    • Cap out at 12 experimentation points with the exception of Artisan and Shipwright

    Types of Suits

    • Architect
    • Armorsmith (assembly for repairs & guaranteed sockets)
    • Artisan
    • Bio-Engineer (Medical Crafting)
    • Chef (Food)
    • Droid Engineer
    • Reverse Engineer (RE Chance)
    • Shipwright - Advanced Component Assembly (Cargo Holds, Droid Interfaces, Capacitors)
    • Shipwright - Boosters
    • Shipwright - Chassis (Armor also)
    • Shipwright - Engines
    • Shipwright - Power Systems (Reactors)
    • Shipwright - Shields
    • Shipwright - Weapon Systems (Projectile, Missile, Countermeasure)
    • Tailor (assembly for guaranteed sockets)
    • Weaponsmith (assembly for repairs & guaranteeing sockets)

    Luck Suits

    In addition to the Exotic SEAs, low encumbrance socketed armor can be worn on a crafter. Typically crafters will put +35 opportune chance single stat SEAs to enhance luck. If all slots are max'd out this yields +420 opportune chance.

    1. Helmet
    2. Left Bicep
    3. Right Bicep
    4. Left Bracer
    5. Right Bracer
    6. Gloves
    7. Belt or PSG
    8. Pants
    9. Boots
    10. Weapon (Exotic Slot)
    11. Breastplate (Exotic Slot)
    12. Shirt (Exotic Slot)

    Power Ups

    These are made by Reverse Engineers and can be applied as a bonus to clothing, armor, and weapons. They are activated for a temporary period of time.

    Assembly Powerups

    These are primarily used prior to an armor or weapon repair to boost the repair success chances.

    RE Chance Powerups

    These Powerups are very important for breaking down stat loot and leveling Power Bits. Most common RE Chance Powerups are +10 but +11 are possible as well.


    A city can choose a specialization at rank 3 (Township, 15 declared citizens).

    Research City Bonus

    Provides an additional 15% bonus to your amazing success chance while experimenting.

    Has been found to be very impactful to the outcome of your experimentation rolls.

    Manufacturing Center

    10% bonus to prototype assembly results, reduced chance of failures.

    Assembly rolls are not very impactful in R3.

    Sample Rich

    20% bonus to sample sizes and a 10% bonus to extraction skill checks during resource collecting by hand sampling.

    Due to only applying within city borders, this specialization is rarely used.


    Note these foods are one-time uses. You consume the food and the next experimentation or craft utilizes the bonus.

    Bespin Port

    Provides bonus to experimentation roll. Has a very high impact to your chance of getting an amazing success experimentation.

    • +25 Experimentation Bonus
    • Filling: 20
    • Duration: 3 mins

    Pyollian Cake

    Provides bonus to assembly, which is primarily used for creating sockets and repiars.

    • +15 Assembly Bonus
    • Filling: 14
    • Duration: 15 mins


    Bonus to Opportune Chance, which can help with Lucky procs and leveling Power Bits
    • +28 Luck
    • Filling: 65
    • Duration: 1hr


    Crafting Scanner Interface

    Acquired from the Witches of Dathomir themepark vendor.

    Note: The electronic sub-component quality does not matter in the final craft

    Final stats:
    • Crafting Critical Success Bonus +3.0
    • Take both your crafter and combat main into the theme park at the same time (you will need to have your crafter to complete the quest)
    • Do the Hearts and Minds wisdom quests during the prologue and have your combat character guard your crafter while they both gain entry to the theme park
    • Have your combat character take repeatable destroy missions from Gethzerion (NS) or Aujante (SC) and travel to the battlegrounds to farm items to purchase the bracelet schematic (tradeable)
    • Your crafter needs to complete Sage's crafting quests to receive Allya's Holocron, which adds +1.0 to the final product stat. Experimentation is required so cannot be done by a combatant

    Sorosuub Personnel Comlink Wrist-P3 (Right): "Resource Bracelet"

    This bracelet is a very rare drop (<1%) from Jedi Artifact treasure maps. These maps are foraged by players most commonly between combat levels 61-70.

    Final Stats:
    • +5 Surveying
    • +1 Resource Quality Increase
    • Forage on Lok or Talus so the loot tables don't include ice cream incredients
    • Set up a /dance forage macro to help you move around while you /forage and are ATK
    • Organize your maps according to planet and complete as a large group
    • Read your maps and save your waypoint at the bottom of the planet map so they spawn in an arc


    Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm (RE Arm)

    This is a reward from completing the High Quality Resource Collection. When you receive a pop-up while surveying, you need to select "Search for a high purity sample" 5 separate times for Mineral, Chemical, Gas, Organic, Water, and Geo-Thermal Energy.

    Cannot be done using the Complete Resource Tool! Must utilize the individual resource survey tool.
    • +110 Opportune Chance
    • +5 RE Chance
    • Replaces Right Bracer & Right Bicep


    Droidsmiths Tool Set (Bandolier)

    Obtained from the Imperial Theme Park as a reward from Colonel Veers
    • Droid Assembly +5
    • Droid Experimentation +3
    • Droid Customization +5

    Weaponsmiths Tool Set (Bandolier)

    Obtained from the Rebel Theme Park as a reward from Captain Ackbar
    • Weapon Assembly +5
    • Weapon Experimentation +3
    • Weapon Repair +5


    Helper monkeys have been replaced in Restoration III with special necklaces so that crafters aren’t forced to be creature handler.

    **Note: These collections are all VERY difficult to achieve and require completing collections many times!**

    Domestic Necklace

    • Tailor +2
    • Chef Experimentation +6
    • Tailor & Chef Assembly +5
    • Received from Nightsister Necklace Crafting Quota collection (20) - looted schematics

    Engineering Necklace

    • Droid Experimentation +4
    • Droid Assembly +8
    • Received from Dancing Droid Crafting Quota collection (20) - from a waypoint collection

    Munitions Necklace

    • Weapon & Armor Experimentation +2
    • Weapon & Armor Assembly +5
    • Received from Posed Stormtrooper collection (25) - loot from Frosch guards

    Structures Necklace

    • Architect Experimentation +6
    • Architect Assembly +5
    • Received from Fish Tank Crafting Quota collection (25) - catching fish in Reel Life, Nabooian Angler, Master Angler

    Shipwrights Necklace

    • Chassis, Engine, Shield, Weapon Experimentation +2
    • Received from Shipwrights Assistant collection (20) - craft Mark V Salvaged Reactor, Engine, Booster, and Capacitors

    DINER (Not in Game)

    Structure which takes 1 lot and adds to experimentation for certain professions.
    • +6 Food Experimentation
    • +6 Structure Experimentation

    -SoloWest, June 2022