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Droid Engineer

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  • Prerequisite:

    4xxx Artisan and then 28,800 general Crafting xp to Novice Droid Engineer


    Droid Engineers build and provide Droids and other useful items to other players in SWG. Droid types include Combat, Utility, Bounty Hunter Droids and Astromech Droids/Flight Computers. Useful items include Reverse Engineering PowerUps, Crafters Knives and even a Mount!


    A Crafting macro will make your life far easier…search for “crafting macro” on the R3 Discord server

    1. Deed for MSE Droid - 53 Metal, 15 Chemical
    Train Intermediate Droid Blueprints (xxx1) at 48,000 Droid Crafting XP

    2. Component: Manipulator Arm Package Set - 65 Metal, 18 Ferrous Metal, 60 Extrusive Ore
    Train Advanced Droid Blueprints (xxx2) at 67,200 Droid Crafting XP

    3. Component: Advanced Droid Frame Unit - 150 Steel, 70 Fiberplast
    Continue to Master Droid Engineer

    In sum, buy (or harvest) a pile of cheap Steel, Fiberplast and Extrusive Ore. That’s all you need!

    Droids and Their Functions:

    The majority of droids are either combat droids, utility droids or both. The exception to this is Bounty Hunter Droids and Flight Compuetrs/Astromechs What determines a droid's capabilities is the type of Module(s) installed in the droid (ex. Combat Module, Armor Module, Merchant Barker Module, Storage Module). Different droids have different potentials in terms of the number and type of modules they can hold.

    Combat Droids:

    These droids provide potent support to combat characters and can be trained to attack enemies and guard their owner. Players may use droids no more than 5 combat levels higher than their current combat level. Current max combat level (CL) for droids is 60.

    The following droids are capable of combat with the correct modules installed:
    • ASN-121
    • CWW8
    • DZ70
    • Dwarf Spider
    • Guardian Mark II
    • LE Repair
    • Magnaguard
    • Mark IV Sentry
    • Probot
    • R2
    • R3
    • R4
    • R5
    • Super Battle Droid
    • Union Sentry Droid

    Combat Level (CL) is a function of the number (and level in the case of armor) of Combat and Armor modules installed. For example, a Super Battle Droid with 12 combat modules installed and 2 maxed level 6 armor modules will be CL60. At the other end of the spectrum, an ASN-121 Droid with 1 combat module and no armor will be CL11.

    Utility Droids:

    The majority of droids have the potential to be utility droids. Just as with combat droids, a utility droid’s functions are governed by the type and quality of it’s modules. The following is a categorized list of potential modules:


    Lvl 1 through lvl 6 Medical Module


    • Effect - Avian
    • Effect - Confetti
    • Effect - Dancing Jawa
    • Effect - Electric Fog
    • Effect - Foam
    • Effect - Mind Bloom
    • Music Playback


    Merchant Barker

    Item Storage:

    Lvl 1 through lvl 6 Storage Modules (3 max lvl 6 modules provide 30 storage…the current cap)


    General and Weapon Crafting Station
    Clothing and Armor Crafting Station
    Structures Crafting Station
    Foods Crafting Station
    Ship Component Crafting Station

    Creature Harvesting:

    Harvesting Module, when programmed, will automatically harvest hide, bone or meat for the player when killing creatures.

    Data Storage:

    Lvl 1 - lvl 6 Modules provide additional datapad type storage

    Structure Maintenance:

    Droids can be programmed to pay maintenance on the owner’s structures from any location.

    Bounty Hunter Droids:

    Arakyd Probe Droid - When a bounty hunter accepts a mission, they must be at least 500+m away from a city to launch an Arakyd Probe Droid. The probe droid will arrive in about 20-30 seconds and come to the player. After interacting with the droid, the droid will provide what planet the mark is currently on (and an approximate location on that planet) in about 2 min.

    Seeker Droid - Upon arriving on the planet where the mark is located, the bounty hunter launches a Seeker Droid to track the exact location of the mark. The seeker must be launches outdoors and takes a minute or two to lock into the mark’s exact location.

    Flight Computers and Astromech Droids:



    Droid Engineers can build the Mustifarian Panning Droid which allows the player to ride on the droid’s head.

    Resource Quality:

    Currently, resource quality, experimentation and assembly only matter in a select number of items Droid Engineers make. (Special thanks to Wharfdale for providing this list)

    • Combat Module - max potential is 110
    • Item Storage Modules - max potential is 11+ (Can have a maximum of 3 in one droid providing 30 total item storage)
    • Armor lvl 6 - max potential is 11+
    • Data Modules - max potential is 11+
    • Auto Repair - max potential is 25
    • Medical Module lvl 6 - max potential is 110
    • Creature Harvest Module - max potential is 20 (can have 6 total in an R3, Adv for a total of 120)