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Droid Engineer

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    Droid Engineers build and provide Droids and other useful items to other players in SWG. Droid types include Combat, Utility, Bounty Hunter Droids and Astromech Droids/Flight Computers. Useful items include Reverse Engineering PowerUps, Crafters Knives and even a Vehicle!

    The trick to Droid Engineer is managing a large subset of components used for each droid. A high quality combat droid, for example, may use 30 separate sub-components so get your factories ready! Luckily, resource quality doesn't matter for a vast majority of the components. Be sure to also master Artisan or find a good friend to provide you the electronics components you'll need.

    Skill Tree

    All experience in Droid Engineer is Droid Crafting Experience except Novice Droid Engineer requires General Crafting Experience.
    • Novice Droid Engineer (4xxx Artisan and then 28,800 general crafting xp to Novice Droid Engineer)
    • Droid Production
    • Droid Construction Techniques
    • Droid Refinement
    • Droid Blueprints
    • Master Droid Engineer

    Primary Products

    • Combat Droids
    • Harvest Droids
    • Storage Droids
    • Crafting Droids
    • Medical Droids
    • Merchant Barker Droids
    • Entertainer Droids
    • Interplanetary Survey Droids (ISD's)
    • Bounty Hunter Droids (Arakyd & Seeker)
    • Astromech Droids
    • Flight Computers
    • Blank Program Flight Chips
    • Bio-Engineer Components (Enzyme Processing Separation Tray, Enzyme Centrifuge)
    • Vehicle (Mustafarian Panning Droid)

    Requirements & Grinding

    Novice Droid Engineer requires Engineering IV from the Artisan skill tree.

    Grinding path:

    • Deed for MSE Droid - 53 Metal, 15 Chemical
    • Train Intermediate Droid Blueprints (xxx1) at 48,000 Droid Crafting XP
      • Component: Manipulator Arm Package Set - 65 Metal, 18 Ferrous Metal, 60 Extrusive Ore
    • Train Advanced Droid Blueprints (xxx2) at 67,200 Droid Crafting XP
      • Component: Advanced Droid Frame Unit - 150 Steel, 70 Fiberplast
    • Continue to Master Droid Engineer

    In sum, buy (or harvest) a pile of cheap Steel, Fiberplast and Extrusive Ore. That’s all you need!

    • See the Crafting page for a crafting macro
    • Get an Entertainer buff for an extra 15% xp
    • Utilize practice mode for +5% xp

    Key Resources


    Almost all of the experimentation where it matters will utilize Effectiveness and a combination of Overall Quality and Conductivity.
    • Effectiveness - OQ/CD
    • Interplanetary Survey Droids - OQ/SR/UT

    Where it Matters

    Currently, resource quality, experimentation and assembly only matter in a select number of items Droid Engineers make. The final chassis does not even make a difference while experimenting - only the modules below.

    (Special thanks to Wharfdale for providing this list)
    • Combat Module - Max potential is 110
    • Item Storage Modules - Max potential is 11+ (Can have a maximum of 3 in one droid providing 30 total item storage)
    • Armor Level 6 - Max potential is 11+
    • Data Modules - Max potential is 11+
    • Auto Repair - Max potential is 25
    • Medical Module Level 6 - Max potential is 110
    • Creature Harvest Module - Max potential is 20 (can have 6 total in an R3, Adv for a total of 120)
    • ISD's - Experiment on both use count as well as effectiveness to reduce report time



    Droid modules are the base of every droid. Each module adds a function to the droid you are crafting.

    There are three classes of modules - Combat, General, and Defensive. Almost all modules are General except Droid Combat, Detonation (rarely used), and Droid Armor (Defense).


    Droid Medical ModuleGeneral1-6Allows Doctors to primarily heal wounds much faster
    Module - Crafting StationGeneral5 TypesA private crafting station on wheels
    Module - Creature HarvestGeneral1Droid will automatically harvest creature resource
    Module - Droid ArmorDefensive1-6Adds General Protection to the droid
    Module - Droid CombatCombat1Adds combat damage to the droid
    Module - Droid DataGeneral1-6Adds data pad storage as well as Pilot Astromech certification to the droid
    Module - Droid Item StorageGeneral1-6Adds item storage to the droid
    Module - EffectGeneral6 typesAdds Entertainer effects to the droid
    Module - Merchant BarkerGeneral1Allows a Merchant to program a text field to repeat while logged in
    Module - Thyferran Buff Enhancement ***General1Allows Doctors to buff for a much longer duration
    Module - Hand SampleGeneral1Gives bonus to hand sampling resources
    Module - DetonationCombat1-5Rarely used droid combat function
    Module - Auto-RepairGeneral1Enables the droid to repair other droids in the area

    Socket Clusters

    Socket Clusters are groupings of 3 modules. For example, a Combat and General Module Socket Cluster could have 1 Droid Combat module, a Creature Harvest module, and a Droid Storage module.
    • Socket Cluster - Combat Modules Only
    • Socket Cluster - Combat and General Modules
    • Socket Cluster - General Modules Only

    Droid Types

    Certain droids are better suited for certain functions due to the amount and type of modules available.


    Combat Droids

    Combat Level

    Combat Level (CL) is a function of the sum module Combat Rating and the Armor Level. For every 10 Combat Rating the droid gets 1 Combat Level. For every Armor Level the droid gains 5 Combat Levels.

    (Combat Rating/10) + (Armor Level x 5) =Combat Level

    (Combat Rating 150 /10 =15) + (Droid Armor 3 x5 =15) = CL30

    Note the maximum droid level is CL60.

    Module - Droid Combat1110Combat Rating Cap is +1,320 (12x 110)
    Module - Droid Armor 1
    Module - Droid Armor 2
    Module - Droid Armor 3
    Armor Cap is +12 so only 2x Droid Armor 3's are required
    Module - Droid Armor 4
    Module - Droid Armor 5
    Module - Droid Armor 6

    • Cap is Damage 173-460 and 6250 General Protection
    • 4 Socket Clusters of 110 Droid Combat modules (12x for 1,320 total combat rating)
    • Droid Armor goes in the Defensive Module Harness slot
    • Only a Droid Armor 3 is required to hit the cap of +12 (2x Armor 6 Ratings)
    • Can be done with a Super Battle Droid, Guardian Mark II Droid, or CWW8 Droid
    • A player can only use a combat droid that is no greater than 5 CL of their own

    Super Battle Droid Example:

    Medical Droids

    Medical droids help Doctors heal wounds much faster and will also want the Thyferron Buff Module to extend buff durations. The cap for medical bonus is +110 and each module rating is x10 (i.e. module rating of 11 is equal to +110).

    • Cap for a Medical Capability Rating is +11, which translates to +110
    • A capped Level 5 Droid Medical Module will get to +11 or else a basic Level 6 Droid Medical Module
    • Add a Module - Thyferran Buff Enhancement module to allow extended duration buffs.

    Level 1 Droid Medical
    Level 2 Droid Medical
    Level 3 Droid Medical
    Level 4 Droid Medical
    Level 5 Droid Medical
    Cap 11 (+110)
    Level 6 Droid Medical
    Thyferron Buff Module--

    Example medical droid:

    Entertainer Droids

    To fit all of the Entertainer effect modules into a single droid, you will need a R3 Advanced droid filled with socket clusters. Note that quality of the modules does not matter.

    Effect - Avian
    Effect - Confetti
    Effect - Dancing Jawa
    Effect - Electric Fog
    Effect - Foam
    Effect - Mind Bloom
    Music Playback

    Merchant Droids

    Merchant Barker

    Module - Merchant Barker

    Item Storage Droids

    Storage droids can have up to +30 storage in them.

    Module - Droid Item Storage 1
    Module - Droid Item Storage 2
    Module - Droid Item Storage 3
    Module - Droid Item Storage 4
    Module - Droid Item Storage 5
    Item Storage Cap is +30 (3x10)
    Module - Droid Item Storage 6

    • A mid-quality Module - Droid Item Storage 5 module will get to +10 Storage Module Rating and then combine 3x of those to max out at 30/30 storage

    Example storage droid:

    Crafting Station Droids

    In order to fill all 5 of the crafting stations, you will need a R2 ADV, R3 ADV, or Advanced Probot.

    Module - Crafting Station - Clothing
    Module - Crafting Station - Food
    Module - Crafting Station - Ship
    Module - Crafting Station - Structures
    Module - Crafting Station - Weapons

    Example crafting droid:

    Creature Harvest Droids

    Harvesting Module, when programmed, will automatically harvest hide, bone or meat for the player when killing creatures.

    Can be combined with Combat functionality as well.

    • A single Module - Creature Harvest can get to +20 Harvest Bonus capped and two combined socket clusters full will cap at +120 Harvest Bonus
    • Note that the only droid that can handle 6 general modules is an Advanced R3 model droid

    Module - Creature Harvest
    Harvest Bonus Cap is +120 (6x 20)

    Structure Maintenance Droid

    Droids can be programmed to pay maintenance on the owner’s structures from any location. These are rarely used as most maintenance is deducted from your bank account automatically and harvesters still require manually visiting due to power requirements.

    Interplanetary Survey Droids (ISD's)

    These droids can be utilized to take surveys from various planets for which resources are currently in spawn. Send the droid along with a crafted survey tool (i.e. Mineral Survey Device) and it will report back with an email of the name of the resources there.

    Crafting will require Master Artisan for the electronics components.

    • Utilize Count for higher number of uses
    • Quality to lower the reporting duration

    Bounty Hunter Droids

    Arakyd Probe Droid

    When a bounty hunter accepts a mission, they must be at least 500+m away from a city to launch an Arakyd Probe Droid. The probe droid will arrive in about 20-30 seconds and come to the player. After interacting with the droid, the droid will provide what planet the mark is currently on (and an approximate location on that planet) in about 2 min.

    Seeker Droid

    Upon arriving on the planet where the mark is located, the bounty hunter launches a Seeker Droid to track the exact location of the mark. The seeker must be launches outdoors and takes a minute or two to lock into the mark’s exact location.

    Example Bounty Hunter Droids

    Flight Computers and Astromech Droids

    Flight computers & astromechs are used by space pilots to program droid commands into. Astromechs are primarily used by Rebel Pilots while flight computers are used by most other ships.

    Only 1x data module is required for a astromech droid so you can use a wide variety of droid options.

    Module - Droid Data 1
    20Pilot Cert 1
    Module - Droid Data 2
    40Pilot Cert 2
    Module - Droid Data 3
    70Pilot Cert 3
    Module - Droid Data 4
    110Pilot Cert 4
    Module - Droid Data 5
    125Pilot Cert 5
    Module - Droid Data 6
    150Pilot Cert 6

    Note that quality does not matter
    v1 Flight ComputerPilot Cert 1
    v2 Flight ComputerPilot Cert 2
    v3 Flight ComputerPilot Cert 3
    v4 Flight ComputerPilot Cert 4
    v5 Flight ComputerPilot Cert 5
    v6 Flight ComputerPilot Cert 6

    Bio-Engineer Components

    Droid Engineer also contributes to Bio-Engineer by creating equipment and consumables for making pets. Quality matters in every step of the process to get to the highest Purity or Mutagen rating (3.0).

    Bio-Engineer products:

    Vehicle (Mustafarian Panning Droid)

    Droid Engineers can build the Mustifarian Panning Droid which allows the player to ride on the droid’s head.. This vehicle is helpful in Mustafar as it resists lava damage


    Crafting Suit

    • Experimentation SEAs are recommended, but not required, for the few items that do need experimentation such as combat modules. Assembly is optional.

    Master Artisan

    • A vast majority of droids will need some sort of electronics component from a Master Artisan. For this reason pairing your Droid Engineer with Master Artisan is highly recommended.


    • Droid Head (looted, Novice) - fits 20 items inside
    • Droid Body (looted, Novice) - fits 50 items inside

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