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The Greater Good

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Level: 90
    Take a group with you to confront Kyrisa and destroy the Corrupted Rancor Mutation.
    Recommended combat level: 80 and with a group

    Note: You can receive this quest from Fath H'ray/Izaryx without a group, but Kyrisa will not speak with you until you are in a group.

    Return to the Cave of Mutation​

    Travel to depths of the Cave of Mutations where you saw Kyrisa.

    You must make your way back to the Cave of Mutations, to the waypoint provided.
    /way dathomir 1823 42 1993 Cave of Mutations;

    Once you arrive to the cave, you must go to the waypoint coordinates to update the quest. If you do not, the quest will not update.

    Confront Kyrisa​

    Confront Kyrisa and demand she destroy the Corrupted Rancor Mutation.

    You will need to make your way down the Cave of Mutations. Take the left-side path down and at the bottom, you will find Kyrisa. Speak with her.
    /way Dathomir 1734 -37 2164 Kyrisa;

    She will only speak with you, if you are in a group and got the quest update for walking through the waypoint in the previous step.

    TODO: Add dialogue.

    After your conversation, the quest will update and the Corrupted Rancor Mutation will spawn.

    Defeat the Corrupted Rancor Mutation​

    Defeat the Corrupted Rancor Mutation.

    You will need to kill the Corrupted Rancor Mutation to complete the quest.

    TODO: Add information on the debuff the Corrupted Rancor Mutation applies on the players.

    Once you have killed it, you will need to walk around the center of the room to complete the quest.

    This will activate and complete the collection, Defeated Kyrisa's Pet, which rewards XP and the Rancor Euthanasia badge.

    • 4,000 credits
    • 6 Rancor Teeth
    • 3 Random Valuables

    Note: This quest is repeatable.


    Corrupted Rancor Mutation​

    • Planet: Dathomir
    • Area: Cave of Mutations
    • Natural CL: 86
    • Health: ~500,000
    • Aggressive: Yes
    • Deathblows: Yes
    • Difficulty: Boss
    • Melee
    • Treasure map
    • Colorable Katarn Armor schematics
    • Junk