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The famous TIE (Twin Ion Engine) Fighter, is the standard inexpensive starfighter of the Empire. Imperial navy recruits will be given the light variant - a stripped down version. If pilots are able to survive combat in the TIE Light Fighter, they'll be able to succeed in any situation the Imperial Navy demands.


A staple support in all Imperial fleets, the TIE Bomber is an effective assault craft. What this ship lacks in maneuverability, it makes up for in firepower - as Rebellion capital ships know all too well. Imperial Pilots at the Advanced Capabilities certification level will be able to fly the TIE Bomber into combat.


Personally flown by Darth Vader at the Battle of Yavin, the TIE Advanced is available to Imperial pilots at the TIE Experimental Vessels certification. This medium mass ship is well suited for both assault and defence missions.


The TIE Aggressor packs a surprising punch to Rebel forces, with the ability of a second pilot to take the rear gunning seat and eliminate flanking targets. Classified as a Heavy Fighter by the Imperial Navy, this ship is available to pilots with the Experimental Vessels certification.


Developed as a direct response to the Rebel Alliance's adoption of fast and maneuverable A-Wings, the TIE Interceptor fills the role of a close dogfighter. Available to Imperial pilots with the Advanced Capabilities certification, what the interceptor lacks in mass it makes up for in maneuverability.


A heavy fighter that only Imperial Ace Pilots may fly, the TIE Oppressor has two weapons pods and three ordnance bays, leading it to unleash devastating firepower during combat. The unusual top fin has earned the name "attack shark" by Rebel pilots, as it foretells combat against a skilled opponent.


As an upgrade to the standard TIE Fighter, the TIE/In "line" Fighter carries larger mass, and therefore can field greater weapons and armour than it's predecessor. It is available to Imperial pilots who have the Advanced TIE Combat Craft Operations certification.


As a multi-passenger assault ship, the VT-49 performs best when properly crewed by a pilot, co-pilot, two gunners, and a mechanic. Expensive and durable, the decimator is only available to Imperial Ace Pilots, and can also be found in heavily guarded Imperial space zones such as Dathomir and Endor.

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As an outdated and plentiful series of starfighters, the Headhunter makes for the perfect ship for those pilots who have taken up arms with the Rebel Alliance. Easily upgraded and tinkered with, the Z-95 has a high mass variant that allows it to go toe to toe with Imperial forces.


As the backbone of the Alliance fleet, the X-wing excels at a variety of combat roles. Available to Rebellion pilots who have the Space Superiority Starfighters certification, this craft has the ability to unleash large amounts of firepower without the slow moving vulnerability of other Alliance ships.


Because of it's incredible speed and maneuverability, the A-wing excels at long range patrols and intense dogfighting. Few pilots are capable of handling the ship, which is only available to Alliance Starfighter Pilot Aces. Even though it is only lightly armed, the A-wing still poses a serious threat in space.


The Y-wing is a sturdy bomber craft used to inflict large casaulties on Imperial forces. With it's co-pilot controlling the ship's turret, a Y-wing can be an effective choice for any engagement. A stronger variant, the Longprobe, has become incredibly popular with Alliance forces.


Taking patience and practice to master it's unique firing spread, the B-wing has four weapon ports and two ordinance bays - more than enough to penetrate the strongest Imperial defense. Available only to Alliance Ace Pilots, it has also seen utility as a mining vessel for enterprising pilots.


With a multi-passenger crew of 4, the Nova Courier is a relatively quick and strong transport ship modified for combat and smuggling operations by the Rebellion. Available to Alliance Ace Pilots, this vessel can quickly run through blockades and deliver essential goods to friendly forces.

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Trading speed for firepower, this easy to handle starfighter is the go-to ship of the Hutts and many freelance pilots. With a generous weapon loadout and plenty of space to tinker, the versatility of the Dunelizard is nearly limitless, with many pilots using it their entire careers.


A heavy starfighter capable of holding its own against most other front-line craft deployed around the Galaxy, the Ixiyen is favoured by Valarian and Black Sun pirates. Available to freelancers with the Special Warships certification, this vessel can be confidently deployed in a variety of combat situations.


With few weapons and weak armour, the Kihraxz is a maneuverable starfighter meant to out-maneuver and flank it's opponents. Available to freelancers with the Advanced Fighters certification, this ship is meant for pilots who prefer hard to execute dodge and roll tactics against enemy forces.


With the ability to mount thick shields and armour, the Kimogila is aptly named after the incredibly dangerous reptilians of Lok. With three weapons slots and two ordinance bays, freelancers with the Advanced Fighters certification will enjoy huge destructive capabilities at the helm of this ship.


A two-man gunboat with massive firepower, the placement of the Krayt's top turret allows for extended protection vs many other gunner-pilot craft. Favoured by the Hutt crime organization's most seasoned lieutenants, the M22-T suits more of a heavy fighter role in combat.


A powerful bomber assault ship, the Rihkxyrk is available to freelancers with the Exotic Vessels certification. Because of it's limited maneuverability, this craft is best used in a group, and if coordinated well can defeat even the nimblest A-wings and TIE Interceptors.


Pilots beginning their freelancing careers will often start in the easy to learn Scyk. Quick and maneuverable, with little firepower, the M3-A should be quickly outfitted with a missile launcher to bulk up it's offensive capabilities. Favoured by the Hutts, Scyk fighters are common sights in the Outer Rim.


A stock freighter, the YT-1300 is an easily modifiable all purpose multi-personal ship. Famously flown by Han Solo during the Battle of Yavin, this vessel is available to freelancers with the Flight Artistry certification - and it's bulky exterior should be no cause for it to be underestimated. This is a fast ship, kid.

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Designed by Kuat Systems Engineering, the Firespray is a rare and prestigious patrol ship with plenty of space for custom modifications. With a large profile in space, the Firespray makes for an easy target - if not for it's ability to equip heavy armour and shields.


Unlike other YT ships, the YT-2400 is intended from the get-go to be well armed and extremely dangerous. Aesthetically beautiful to many, this multi-personal ship has space for two gunners, a mechanic, a pilot, and a co-pilot.

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