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Patch Notes December 2021 Game Update

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Note: This update requires a client patch. Please be sure to run your launchers.


  • Crafting with Weapon Augmentations and Krayt Dragon Scales/Peko Peko Albatross Feathers should now work correctly.


  • The Master Shipwright badge is now properly granted upon attaining Master Shipwright. If you are currently a Master Shipwright, you should be granted this badge upon login if you do not already have it. This change is not retroactive to anyone who previously held the Master Shipwright skill but dropped the skill prior to this change.

Character Slots

  • You can now unlock a third character slot by completing a new quest series which you can begin by visiting Ridith Tercarcha, a crazed scientist, at the bottom of the Nashal Cloning Center on Talus.
  • Each account can have a total of 4 characters, consisting of 2 main characters, 1 unlockable character as described above through the new collection, and the slot you can unlock from becoming a Jedi (coming soon).


  • The Mayor of a City can now pack up any structure within the boundaries of their city limits by opening the radial menu on the structure's House Sign and selecting 'Pack up Structure'. When a structure is packed up by the Mayor, it will be returned to the owner's datapad and all citizens of the city will be notified by in-game Mail. The addition of this feature is to allow City Mayors the same discretion to exercise control over who resides in their city just as Guild Leaders can exercise control over who is a member of their Guild.
  • The range of taxation that can be assessed by a city has been increased and is now as follows:
    • Income Tax: 0 to 10,000 credits
    • Property Tax: 0% to 50%
    • Sales Tax: 0% to 50%
    • Travel Ticket Fee: 0 to 10,000 credits
    • Garage Service Fee: 0% to 50%
  • A new option in the City Management Terminal, 'Set Landing Fee,' is now available. A Landing Fee is the fee charged to a player when an Instant Travel Vehicle lands in your City Shuttleport. The Landing Fee can be between 0 and 10,000 credits as set by the Mayor.


  • The formula for calculating accuracy and defense has been adjusted and is considered to be in its final state. Thank you to the community members who helped us participate in testing this and for providing historical records. Current testing has verified our formulas now consistently match 1:1 with records from the live Combat Upgrade.
  • The bug with weapon-specific defense modifiers that prevented weapon-specific defenses has been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented duelist stance from working properly has been resolved such that both the defense and shield effect are now properly applied.
  • A bug that caused Armor Break to produce incorrect values related to the reduction of armor effectiveness has been resolved.


  • Wookie Life Day is upon us!
    • Visit Wayfar, Dearic, or Doaba Guerfel to participate in Life Day. Open the radial menu on the huge Life Day Tree to get your badge and presents for both you and a friend.
    • Players can support the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire in spreading or deterring holiday joy in exchange for tokens used to purchase a number of special reward items. Visit the Transhodan Traders (Imperial) near Shuttleports in participating cities or Wookie Freedom Fighters (Rebel) near cantinas in participating cities to get your mission and view the items available for sale.
      • Increase the number of tokens you earn per activity by staying Special Forces (Declared).
    • An Inaugural Life Day Snow Globe, exclusive to this year only, which creates a special particle effect in your home, is available from either factional vendor for 500 tokens.
    • Speak to Saun Dann and complete his missions to get a STAP-1 Vehicle.
  • Life Day will conclude in early January, so be sure to participate before the festivities are over until next year!

Game Client

  • The SwgClient now supports up to a max of 4GB of RAM (memory allocation) instead of 2GB.

Instant Travel Vehicles

As any Pilot will exclaim if you're in earshot and willing to listen, getting around the galaxy can be quite a challenge—never mind the expenses! As the galaxy has grown and new technology has advanced, it is more feasible than ever to find convenience in your intergalactic journey and the newly introduced Instant Travel Vehicles offer all citizens just that: a method to instantaneously summon their ship from (mostly) anywhere to head straight for their next adventure without the callus-invoking and slow-paced riff-raff imposed by other modes of transportation.
  • Players can now use Instant Travel Vehicles. At present, they can be acquired as follows:
  • Using an Instant Travel Vehicle requires 10,000 Credits and a Heavy Full Cell Mark-V (attainable from a Shipwright) per travel.
  • If you are traveling to a Player City, the cost will also include a "Landing Fee" if one has been set by the Player City of up to 10,000 Credits.
  • When you call an Instant Travel Vehicle, there will be a 30 second warmup period. Entering combat, going stealth, or moving from your call point will cancel the call of your Instant Travel Vehicle.
  • The cooldown to reuse an Instant Travel Vehicle after traveling is 60 minutes.
  • Instant Travel Vehicles cannot be called when you are in combat, mounted, indoors, in space, in instanced areas, in a municipality, in a PvP region, or on inappropriate terrain.

Items and Equipment

  • Bors Bos (A Painting Fence) has new paintings for sale that feature submissions from our in-game screenshot contest. You can purchase these limited-time items from him outside the Mos Eisley Starport.
  • The Royal Ship Instant Travel Vehicle can now be purchased from the Galactic Fortitude Vendor for 1,000 Galactic Fortitude Tokens.
  • The Color-Customizable EF67 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Hologram can now be purchased from the Galactic Fortitude Vendor for 500 Galactic Fortitude Tokens.

Loot and Collections

  • Reports have suggested unusual seismic activity when looting mobs. Please report any unusual firey incidents to local authorities.
  • Scattered across the galaxy, players can now find 5 broken Skiff parts used to complete a collection that will grant a deed for a Lava Skiff with a collectible design and skin that will only be available from now until the launch of Mustafar. After Mustafar is launched, only the regular version of the Lava Skiff will be attainable.

Register with Location

  • Entertainers and Doctors that use the /registerWithLocation command inside a Hospital or Cantina (municipal or player city) will now appear in a list on our website while they are logged in and inside the registered building.
  • Players can now visit the Professional Services Finder page on our website (under the "Tools" menu) for a list of all Doctors and Entertainers that are registered in specific Cantinas or Hospitals and actively buffing across the Galaxy.

Galactic Senate Reminder

Are you passionate about certain systems within the game and would like to see them improved, fixed, or expanded upon? Please consider applying for our Galactic Senator Program.
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