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Patch Notes Hotfix

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Patch Notes

The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. Be sure to close the game and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

A Patch Note IconGalactic Civil War

  • Changed The master of a pet or beast that attacks a GCW Faction Base Installation (e.g., a Turret) will now automatically be flagged to Declared/Special Forces status.
  • Fixed An edge case that prevented the "Defend" or "Repair" radial options from being displayed on GCW City Invasion Turrets and Barricades has been resolved.

A Patch Note IconItems and Equipment

  • Added Junk Dealers will now purchase the following items:
    • Isomerase Enzymes
    • Power Crystals
    • Color Crystals
    • Datapad Storage Unit looted pieces
  • Changed The Sandcrawler House can now only be placed on Tatooine and Lok, its lot consumption has been reduced to two lots, is now no-trade when purchased from the Chronicles Vendor, and its storage capacity has been increased to 500 (making it equivalent to the size and storage capacity of the Kashyyyk Tree House).
  • Changed You are no longer required to target a beast to use a Pet Stimpack. Using the Pet Stimpack from your toolbar or inventory will now automatically apply it to your called beast if you are in range. An icon of a chat bubble denotes that this patch note originated from concepts introduced by the community in a PlayerVoice.
  • Changed Several changes have been made to Instant Travel Vehicles: The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.
    • Instant Travel Vehicles are now free to use for new characters (defined as characters that were created in the last 30 days).
    • Instant Travel Vehicles no longer have a cooldown for use.
    • Instant Travel Vehicles can no longer be called while your factional PvP status is Declared/Special Forces.
  • Changed The Vibrosword (2h melee weapon from Battlefield vendors) will now craft with an Energy damage type. An icon of a chat bubble denotes that this patch note originated from concepts introduced by the community in a PlayerVoice.
  • Fixed Wookiee-ookies now correctly grant a 10% movement speed buff.

A Patch Note IconMiscellaneous

  • Changed Safely logging out (e.g., using /logout), such that your player disappears from the world, will now take five minutes, instead of 30 seconds, if you attempt to log out while your factional PvP status is Declared/Special Forces.
  • Changed A player's online status will now only be shared with you when viewing your friend's list if that player has also added you to their friend's list (mutual friends).
  • Fixed A bug that prevented players added to your ignore list from persisting after server restarts has been resolved.
  • Fixed A bug where the construction pylons did not appear after you placed a structure has been resolved.
  • Removed Static Quests, that is, quests from the Pre-CU era of the game that do not use the modern Journal-based quest system, have been temporarily disabled because of their underlying bugs and inconsistencies that confuse new players. We will re-enable these quests once they have been ported to the new Journal-based quest system. Static Quest NPCs will now inform you that they are disabled when speaking to them in the meantime.

A Patch Note IconProfessions

  • Changed Thyferran Buff Enhancements now cost an additional 1000/2000/3000 credits for each duration, and this fee will be passed on to the owner of the droid.

A Patch Note IconUser Interface

  • Added The Faction Icon displayed next to your name and above your character will now appear gold when you are Declared/Special Forces to provide a better indication of your current factional status.
  • Added The first time a character stores a vehicle, they will now receive a helper popup explaining that vehicles are stored in the Datapad.
  • Changed When examining a structure deed, the attributes pane will now always display the planets a deed can be used on in a single line and the number of lots that the structure will consume when placed.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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