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Community News Launcher and Multi-Account Update

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Greetings Galaxy,

This afternoon we deployed an update to the SWG Restoration Launcher that adjusts how our new multiple account system functions. Be sure to close the game and restart the launcher to get the patch. This update resolves a bug that some users experienced with receiving an error message that their computer was already registered and fixes several other bugs. As a result of this change, we've also reset all registrations on record, so all computers will need to re-register.

We recognize some users have expressed a privacy concern regarding the collection of information about your physical computer. First, we'd like to clarify the information we are collecting is not new and has been collected since we introduced our revised Privacy Policy in September 2021. However, we'd like to share more about how this works:

When you open the launcher, we take several data points about your physical computer and combine that with data about your account into a single string that is hashed and stored using a SHA512 cryptographic hashing algorithm. The hashed string is then salted, transmitted, and stored in connection with your account in the Restoration Database, along with the name of your PC.

SHA512 is a one-way function, which means the data stored in the database can't be easily converted back into information about your machine if it is compromised. Put simply, this means we are not retaining and do not have access to the raw physical data about your machine and can't easily reverse the data we store into the raw physical data either. If you like videos, here's a short explanation of this process.

We recommend all users follow our Account Security Guide for more details about how they can keep their account safe. We'll also be following up with updates to our Privacy Policy shortly to better reflect the information described above and to provide more information about data collection, retention, and security measures we take. Nevertheless, as with all online websites, we will always be direct with you that we cannot offer a guarantee of there never being a compromise to your information. Regardless, we are committed to mitigating any consequences of a potential breach and transparency if there is one. Ultimately, however, we will be the first to tell you that we are a volunteer community project, and if you do not feel comfortable sharing your data, you should not play on SWG Restoration.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Community Support.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Team
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