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Administrative Access

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  • This quest is part of the Quarantine Zone Theme Park questline.

    Previous Quest: << Shuttle Parts

    Level: 90
    Get administrative Access to the Research Facility.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Imperial Inquisitor​

    Speak to the Imperial Inquisitor to get access to the research facility.

    Speak to Klex Fulgor, located in Camp Epsilon.
    /way dathomir -7421 -7313 Klex Fulgor;

    Klex Fulgor: I have no time for your small talk citizen.
    You: I was sent by Darth Vader. I expect your full cooperation.
    Klex Fulgor: Wh..what? Show me your authorization code!
    You: Here.
    Klex Fulgor: Look...we did all we could here. It all happened so quickly.
    You: I'm not here for your debriefing...I'm here to enter the research facility and find a sample of unmutated virus.
    Klex Fulgor: But...that is suicide. If you don't succumb to the virus, you'll surely be eaten!
    You: I'll be sure to tell Vader that you refused to support his bidding.
    Klex Fulgor: Wait...uh, I don't know where they kept the virus samples. You'll need an access key to use the facility command consoles. Surely they kept a record of all the experiments on the facility mainframe. I dropped my key long ago or I'd let you have it. I am pretty sure you'll be able to find one in the administrative building if you want to try that building.
    You: Is there a specific room in the building I should check?
    Klex Fulgor: There was a lot of chaos when everything happened. There is no telling where a key might be. Sorry I can't give you an exact location.
    You: I'm going to look. You better hope you are right.
    Klex Fulgor: Well, if you don't come back...

    After the conversation, you will get a comm-message from your faction's quest-giver and the quest will update.

    Captain Piett: Comm-message - Don't worry, that Inquisitor will be punished for his insolence. I've been tracking your progress and it has been remarkable. Carry on.

    Han Solo: Comm-message - The laugh is going to be on him when Vader finds out he helped the Alliance get his Blackwing virus.

    Guri: Comm-message - Ignore that fool. If he manages to survive this ordeal Darth Vader will likely deal with his failures personally.

    Find the Key​

    Search the rooms of the facility and find the key.

    Head over to the Administrative Building a short distance away from Camp Epsilon and search for a key on the dead bodies. The building is full of CL70-80 undead.

    You will randomly get the key from one of the bodies.
    /way dathomir -7369 -7464 Dead Imperial Officer;
    /way dathomir -7371 -7480 Dead Imperial Inquisitor;
    /way dathomir -7393 -7480 Dead Scout Trooper;
    /way dathomir -7379 -7459 Dead Stormtrooper - 2nd Floor;
    /way dathomir -7393 -7451 Dead Imperial Scientist - 2nd Floor;

    After locating the key, the dead body comes back to life and starts attacking you. They will be CL80. You do not need to kill it.

    You will get a comm-message from Klex Fulgor and the quests updates.

    Klex Fulgor: Comm-message - That looks like a low level key, but it will work to get you in. You certainly are persistent.

    Inquisitor Advice​

    Return to the Inquisitor and find out what to do next.

    Head back to Klex Fulgor at Camp Epsilon and speak with him.
    /way dathomir -7421 -7313 Klex Fulgor;

    Klex Fulgor: Looks like you have the key...
    You: You made me come back to tell me what I already knew?
    Klex Fulgor: No. I wanted to also try and talk sense into you. The research facility has been overrun. There is nothing alive down there I assure you.
    You: I am not here to rescue survivors.
    Klex Fulgor: No? What then?
    You: I need to retrieve an unmutated Blackwing sample and destroy the canisters so the virus will dissipate.
    Klex Fulgor: Maybe that is why the Empire hasn't bombarded this area into the stone age.
    You: Maybe.
    Klex Fulgor: Well, hopefully I'll be long gone if you are successful. Oh, by the way, thanks for the shuttle parts. I hear we may be flight worthy sometime in the next several hours.
    You: I'd suggest you find a rock to hide under if you leave without me.
    Klex Fulgor: Uh...well...uhm. I see. So, the facility has several underground levels. Some I haven't even seen myself. The Chief Virologist is....well, was...Dr. Giffax Jin. You might have a good chance of finding an unmutated sample in one of the cryogenic storage rooms next to his main office. Where that can be found I have no idea.
    You: Great. Anything else?
    Klex Fulgor: No. Good luck, [Player's name].

    After your conversation, the quest completes and the next quest starts.