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Camp Location Collection

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  • Camp Location Collection is a collection, that takes place within the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir.

    You can start this collection by discovering any refugee camp in the Quarantine Zone.

    You will complete this collection when you discover all 5 refugee camps.
    /waypoint dathomir -5915 -6645 Camp Alpha;
    /waypoint dathomir -6290 -7529 Camp Beta;
    /waypoint dathomir -6815 -6454 Camp Gamma;
    /waypoint dathomir -7142 -6941 Camp Delta;
    /waypoint dathomir -7463 -7392 Camp Epsilon;

    Note: When you discover a refugee camp, you will be able to fly to it using the Rodian Smuggler who is located at the Quarantine Zone starport.

    Reward: XP and the Hold Out Camp Locations Badge