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Quarantine Zone Camp Rescue

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  • Quarantine Zone Camp Rescue is a collection, that takes place within the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir.

    You can start this collection by speaking to A Survivor that you might sometimes bump into on the outskirts of Camp Alpha, Camp Beta, Camp Gamma, or Camp Delta.

    If you happen to find A Survivor, speaking with them will start a quest where they will try to make their way back to the camp that you found them near. Once the quest starts, 2 Undead NPCs will spawn and try to attack the survivor. The Undead NPCs will match your level. They are very slow, so you most likely not need to kill them.

    You will need to escort the survivor back to the camp, once they arrive, the quest will complete. You will receive XP, credits, and progress towards the Quarantine Zone Camp Rescue collection.

    Stay in a radius of 10 meters near the NPC, if you leave the vicinity of the survivor - you will fail the quest.

    Each camp requires a set amount of NPCs to be rescued
    Camp Alpha - 30 Survivors
    Camp Beta - 20 Survivors
    Camp Gamma - 15 Survivors
    Camp Delta - 10 Survivors

    Once you meet the quotas for each of the camps, you will complete the Quarantine Zone Camp Rescue collection.

    Reward: XP and the Quarantine Zone - Camp Survivor Badge