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Rodian Smuggler

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  • The Rodian Smuggler is an NPC that allows the player to quick-travel to any of the refugee camps that the player has discovered inside the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir.

    They can be found outside the Cloning Facility at the Quarantine Zone starport on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir -5743 -6467 Rodian Smuggler;

    The player will be able to quick-travel to all refugee camps when they complete the Camp Location Collection collection.

    Using the Rodian Smuggler to quick-travel also starts the Quarantine Zone Frequent Flyer collection, which when complete, allows the player to quick-travel to any camp for free. Otherwise, there is a small fee associated to each refugee camp.

    Cost per camp:
    • Camp Alpha - 100 credits
    • Camp Beta - 500 credits
    • Camp Gamma - 1,000 credits
    • Camp Delta - 1,500 credits
    • Camp Epsilon - 2,000 credits