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Contributing and Style

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  • This WIP page is intended as a guide to contributing to this wiki, and a reference page styling.

    The first, and simplest rule, is to reference existing pages for how to format new ones. This helps maintain a uniform format for the wiki.

    Adding/Updating Content on an Existing Page​

    Once you have a valid account for SWGR, you can simply click 'Edit' at the top of a wiki page and type in the content.

    Wiki pages are written in two forms: HTML and BbCode. BbCode has a display mode, which functions like a normal text editor, with the editting toolbar being fully functional. BbCode also has an alternate mode where the toolbar is disabled, and bracketed pseudocode is used to format. To toggle between the modes simply click the 3 dots in top right of the editor, then select the brackets. It is recommended to work in BbCode display mode for most edits.


    Adding Content via a new Page​

    If there is no existing page for the content you want to add, a new page is the next option. Here you can specify the page's title, URL, whether it has a parent page, and whether the page defaults to HTML or BbCode. It is recommended to use BbCode.


    Advanced Formating Guidance​

    Protected Pages​

    Some pages are labeled as 'protected' which disallows editting by anyone without proper roles. These pages are usually reserved for use by staff and senators to ensure accurate information.

    Page URL​

    The standard practice for a page URL on this wiki is to have the URL be the title, replacing any spaces with _. When creating duplicate pages for redirecting and categorizing(see container pages below), instead replace spaces with - to create a unique URL.

    Redirect/Container Pages​

    In some cases, like with nesting explained further below, a redirecting page is needed. These pages allow clicking a child page in the sidebar to take you to a separate subpage, because multilevel nesting pages is difficult in this wiki format. Note: you cannot redirect to a nested page while it is nested. You have to first un-nest the page, then redirect to it, then re-nest it.

    When a lot of content falls under the same umbrella, a container page is made to hold all the related pages together as children of this parent page.

    Nesting Pages​

    By default, every page that can have a parent page specified, as long as that parent page is not also a child. This allows one level nested parent/child pages like Theme Parks. Under this page there are two types of child pages:

    Standard pages: The Imperial Theme Park page is a standard page that has links to related pages, but is entirely self contained.

    Nested page: The Quarantine Zone Theme Park page is a redirect page pointing to another parent page that has both standard and nested pages as children.

    It is possible to trick the system into multilevel nesting without using redirects. You start at the lowest child page level and specify those page's parents, then you specify the parent page's parent as well resulting in a parent/parent/child page format like found in Attributes. The drawback, is if any of the bottom level child pages are editted, they lose their parent meaning you have to un-nest the whole structure to reconnect and then re-nest it.

    Quest Chains​

    A good example of a quest chain page is Salvage or Die. This page suppresses the sidebar, to hide the Container page connecting all the quests, but has a link back to the top level page for navigation, as well as a next/previous quest navigation. Additionally, the container page is a redirect to the main page as well.
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