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  • All drink values are derived based on the standard experimentation priority of: nutrition/effect(skill mods)>duration>fill. If this differs for the drink, it will be noted. The following information is listed below:
    • Effects: skill mods in yellow do not vary with experimentation and skill mods in red do not function currently(See skill modifiers for an up to date list of what is and isn't working).
    • Duration
    • Fill
    Drink NameEffect(s)DurationFillNote(s)
    Accarragm+114 Health
    +200 Action Regen
    +200 Mind Regen
    Aitha+19 Healing Efficiency5:2116
    Bespin Port+26.18 Experimentation Bonus3:2120The duration of bespin port does not matter since the buff is consumed upon an experiment being performed.
    Blue Milk+36 Cure Efficiency1:2732
    Breath of Heaven+528 Health
    +200 Health Regen
    +200 Action Regen
    +50 Mind Regen
    Caf+192 Health
    +100 Mind Regen
    Corellian Ale+218 Melee Accuracy0:5516
    Corellian Brandy+68 Disease Resistance
    +15 Disease Absorption
    Deuterium-pyro+230 Ranged Accuracy0:5116
    Durindfire+68 Poison Resistance
    +15 Poison Absorption
    Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud+105 Ranged Defense18:2416
    Flameout+237 Mitigation0:0462
    Garrmorl+446 Health Regen
    +50 Action Regen
    +200 Mind Regen
    Gralinyn Juice+77 Acc v. Creatures17:4827
    Ithorian Mist+68 Fire Resist
    +15 Fire Absorption
    Jaar+8 DefenseGeneral
    +5 Toughness
    Jawa Beer+19 Mask Scent20:2418
    Mandalorian Wine+523 Health
    +50 Health Regen
    +200 Action Regen
    +200 Mind Regen
    Meatlump Wine+10 Experience1:00:000Not crafted. Available from a daily mission in the Meatlump Themepark.
    Rancor Aid+11 Movement Speed0:5116
    Ruby Bliel30 Stimpack Roundtime15:2413This food has a unique effect of resetting the cooldowns of stimpack's once at consumption. The only stat that matters on it is fill.
    Spiced Tea+120 Mind Regen1:10:127
    Starshine Surprise30 Milking Bonus29:1524Duration, followed by fill, are the most important stats, as nothing scales with nutritionline.
    T'illa-T'iil+211 Endurance
    +40 Ranged General
    T'ssolok+22.8 Enhancement Duration16:1243
    Tasty Beverage+5 Health
    +5 Health Regen
    +5 Action Regen
    +5 Mind Regen
    2:000Not crafted. Available from bartenders in various stylings.
    Vasarian Brandy+456 Health Regen
    +200 Action Regen
    +50 Mind Regen
    Vayerbok+26 Block15:2421
    Veronian Berry Wine+68 Bleed Resist
    +15 Bleed Absorption
    Warl Surprise

    Note: All these values are derived using near server best resources. Special thanks to Eponine for crafting them.