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Bundle of Ewok Festival of Love Cards

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  • Bundle of Ewok Festival of Love Cards is a No-Trade item available during Ewok Festival of Love.
    Used in 52...er...7 Festival of Love Pick-Me-Up quest or can be paid as a tribute to the Kyoopid.

    The Bundle can be created if player has seven cards. These cards are scattered around in three cities Kadaara(Naboo), Tyrena(Corellia) and Southern Ewok Lake Village(Endor).
    Unlike the Bundle, each card is tradable.
    Here is a list of them:
    • First - "Happy Love Day"
    • Second - "Happy Love Day"
    • Third - "Celebrate the Love"
    • Fourth - "Happy Ewok Love Day"
    • Fifth - it doesn't say anything
    • Sixth - "From That Special Someone"
    • Seventh - "Happy Love Day"
    When you collect each, right click on any in your inventory and choose "Bundle a Card Set"


    After that all cards will combine into a single Bundle which looks like this.