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Ewok Festival of Love Familiar Deed

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  • Ewok Festival of Love Familiar Deed is a No-Trade familiar deed that was available during the Ewok Festival of Love.
    The deed is awarded after completing The Pet Lover quest.
    When dropped inside a structure, will appear as a flying Ewok Kyoopid.
    Can be summoned and used along Pets and Droids.


    Buff Information

    Level required: None
    Category: None
    Uses: Infinite
    Bio-Link: No
    Tradeable: No
    Infinite; 60 minutes if stored
    Time until reuse: None
    Effect Name: Familiar's Force of Love
    Effect: Your Ewok Festival of Love familiar causes those with whom you fight to hate you a bit less.
    • Modify aggro generation by -2.00%
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