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Ewok Festival of Love

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  • Ewok Festival of Love

    Ewok Festival of Love is a celebration held once a year by the Ewoks on Endor, to honor the kinship and love between tribe members. During the festival, Ewoks would give gifts of Camby berries to one another to demonstrate trust and acceptance. Tribe members would also prepare meals, sing, and dance. One popular beverage served during the celebration was Chak Juice. Although primarily celebrated on Endor for obvious reasons, it also was celebrated on other planets, including Naboo and Corellia.

    The Ewoks live in harmony with nature and forage for food in the lush vegetation. Camby berries are given freely during the Festival of Love, celebrated once a year to honor the kinship and love between tribe members. During the festival, the Ewoks present this gift of their hard-earned food to other members of the tribe to demonstrate trust and acceptance.

    As the Ewoks celebrate the Festival of Love, tribe members prepare meals, dance, and sing traditional songs, such as this ancestral chant often heard drifting through the treetops of the forest moon: Dugun duca lula ludia nuna, dounga, luna nudia!


    Activities 2024

    The celebration takes place in multiple places across 3 planets, so be sure to visit:
    /way Naboo 5233 6742 Ewok Festival of Love;
    /way Corellia -5178 -2560 Ewok Festival of Love;
    /way Endor -663 -5025 Ewok Festival of Love;

    And enjoy the festivities such as dancing Ewoks, chocolate fountains, and much more!

    Impress Chief Chirpa

    Impress Chief Chirpa with your knowledge of Ewokese and receive a heartwarming gift in return!
    • Chief Chirpa (or just an Ewok Chief) can be found inside his wooden hut in cities where celebrations take place. He has a whole new Festival of Love Red Flower Boutonniere for those who know the secret to unlocking his heart(target and place your reticle on the Chief and say "allayloo ta nuv").

    Find the Kyoopid

    Find the elusive Kyoopid, a Festival of Love Sage, and pay the tribute to the spirit of the Festival.
    You can check if Kyoopid has appeared by locating the Herald of Kyoopid (which spawns near the chocolate fountain; /tar Herald) in one of the three cities. Talk to him, and Herald will inform you that Kyoopid is somewhere in Tyrena (Corellia), Kaadara (Naboo), or Southern Ewok Village (Endor).

    Kyoopid doesn't have a static spawn and moves around each time it appears in any of three cities.

    Be sure to tell other players about his location once you find him!

    Use this macro to help with the search:
    Macro Kyoopid
    /tar kyoo;
    /pause 1;
    /mac Kyoopid;


    There are currently three quests that are available during the Festival.


    Badges 2024

    IconBadgeDescriptionHow to obtain
    2024 Ewok Festival of LoveYou heralded in the Love celebrated at the 2024 Ewok Festival of Love.Received once all Ewok Festival of Love activities and quests are completed at least once.
    The Disillusioned Love Sage 2024You have helped Benjamin, a Festival of Love Sage, once again believethat there is love in the Galaxy.Complete The Pet Lover quest.
    Gathering Festival of Love Cards 2024You have helped a young Ewok child find their 2024 Festival ofLove cards.Complete 52...er...7 Festival of Love Pick-Me-Up quest.
    Playing Matchmaker 2024During the 2024 Ewok Festival of Love, you helped someone find love.Complete Playing Cupid quest.
    Kyoopid RevealedYou revealed Kyoopid, a Festival of Love Sage, and paid tribute to the Festival in 2024.Find the Kyoopid and pay the tribute.
    Kyoopid DiscoveredYou uncovered Kyoopid, a Sage of the Ewok Festival of Love, and paid tribute to the spirit of the Festival.
    Comes with a "Servant of Kyoopid" title.
    Find the Kyoopid and pay the tribute.

    Previous Badges

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    Main page for the Event Rewards and Items: Ewok Festival of Love Rewards
    Players will be rewarded with Ewok Festival of Love Chak Hearts for completing activies during the Festival.
    Chak Hearts can be used to purchase Ewok Festival of Love items from the two available vendors.

    You can receive 8 Chak Hearts each day if all repeatable quests are completed.
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