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The Pet Lover

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  • The Pet Lover

    The Pet Lover quest can be started and completed during the Ewok Festival of Love.
    To begin, find Disciple of Benjamin by going to any of these waypoints:

    /way Naboo 5238 6733 Kadaara;
    /way Corellia -5170 -2561 Tyrena;
    /way Endor -663 -5036 Southern Ewok Village;

    Conversation with Disciple of Benjamin

    Find and talk to Disciple of Benjamin to start this quest.

    Disciple of Benjamin: Could you help me?
    You: Yes
    Disciple of Benjamin: Oh thank you! My Festival of Love Sage, Benjamin, has fallen into despair... he has slipped to the Dark Side... of Love and lost all hope. Please help him find his way back to the Light Side... of Love!
    You: I will
    Disciple of Benjamin: Thank you! And may the spirit of the Festival bring you success! You'll find Benjamin in Tyrena on Corellia.

    Alternative choice.

    Disciple of Benjamin: Could you help me?
    You: No.
    Disciple of Benjamin: You do realize that this is a festival of LOVE, right?

    The Pet Lover

    Level: 10
    You are attempting to show Benjamin, the Disillusioned Ewok Festival of Love Sage, that love still exists even in a galaxy at war.
    Recommended combat level: 10

    Speak with Benjamin

    Speak with Benjamin, the Disillusioned Festival of Love Sage, and find out why he has falledn to the Dark Side...of Love. You find him on a beach outside of Tyrena on Corellia.
    Simply follow the waypoin, but if you're struggling heres the exact location:
    /way Corellia -5287 -2942 Disillusioned Festival of Love Sage;

    Talk with him once you find him.

    Benjamin: You say my herald sent you to me? I don't see the point. There is no love left in this world. Oh, there are brief glimpses, but those soon fade or are crushed beneath the boots of war and strife.
    You: You can't really believe that?
    Benjamin: Why wouldn't I? Show me otherwise. Show me any sign that love actually matters any more.
    Disciple of Benjamin: < There is someone who might be able to help. In Tyrena, there's a man known as Mr. Love. Find him and let him know about Benjamin's problem. >

    Speak with Mr. Love

    Speak with Mr. Love in Tyrena and find out if he can help you show Benjamin that love still exists in the galaxy.
    /way Corellia -5572 -2651 Dr. Schill (aka Mr. Love)

    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love)
    : You wish to show an Ewok Sage named Benjamin from their Festival of Love that love still matters in our galaxy. I think i can help you with that. Let me think...
    You: Any ideas?
    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): Actually yes. What kind of love could be more pure than that of a pet lover for their pet. I know of just such a man. Seek our Carson Vance here in Tyrena. I think I know where you can find him.
    You: Where can i find this person?
    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): Seek our Carson Vance and understand the love one can have for a pet.

    Speak with the Pet Lover

    Mr. Love suggested that there is no love purer than someone has for a pet. He knows a local pet lover named Carson Vance. Go speak with him.
    /way Corellia -5057 -2625 Carson Vance(pet lover);

    Carson Vance(pet lover): Hello? Oh, Mr. Love sent you? Thank the Force! I've lost my wonderful pet durni. Peaches. I can't stand it. Please help me find him.
    You: Where might Peaches be?
    Carson Vance(pet lover): He could be anywhere!! Oh, he likes to play at the shuttleports and watch the shuttles come and go. And he loves the bridge between two parts of the city. Maybe he's in one of those locations.
    You: I'll go see if he's there.
    Carson Vance(pet lover): I'll wait here in case he returns on his own. Thank you for helping me!

    Find Peaches

    The pet lover is distraught because his pet durni, Peaches, has gone missing.

    Help him find Peaches. He said that Peaches likes to play near the Shuttleports or at the Bridge.
    You can find peaches in any of the following locations:
    /way Corellia -5029 -2364 Shuttleport A;
    /way Corellia -5311 -2557 Bridge;
    /way Corellia -5596 -2785 Shuttleport B;​
    Once you found the rabb...err durni. Double click it.

    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): < Well done. Go share with Benjamin the proof you've found of the love between a man and his pet. >

    Carson Vance(pet lover): You found Peaches!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Return to Benjamin

    Return to Benjamin, the Disillusioned Festival of Love Sage, and relate to him the love that Carson Vance has for his pet durni, Peaches.

    Benjamin: A pet lover? Someone loves their pet durni enough to have lost hope without it? While that is nice, don't get me wrong, it hardly shows that love matters. And how much could he truly love that durni if he named it "Peaches". Seriously.
    You: I'm not giving up.
    Benjamin: You will. Love no longer matters.

    The Love-Struck Young Man

    Level: 10
    Your second attempt to show Benjamin, the Disillusioned Ewok Festival of Love Sage, that love still exists even in a galaxy at war.
    Recommended combat level: 10

    Help Jonathan Express his Love

    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): < Okay we need a more substantial instance of love. Luckily, i know just the thing. A young man i know is deeply in love and needs some help in expressing it. Go speak with him. >

    Mr. Love suggests speaking with Jonathan Squire, a young man who requires some help in expressing his love to the object of his desire.
    /way Corellia -5407 -2717 Jonathan Squire (a love-struck young man);

    Jonathan Squire: Greetings, Mr. Love told me to expect you. I appreciate your help. You see, I am trying to find a way to let the woman I love know how much she means to me. I haven't been able to. I'm so close, but not quite there. Can you help me?
    You: I'll do what i can.
    Jonathan Squire is attempting ot write a love letter to the woman with whom he is in love.
    Help him find the words he needs to complete his letter.

    Jonathan Squire: Thank you! I've been trying to write her a love letter, but i'm stuck. I can't complete some of the phrases. I need you to help me find the words to complete what I'm trying to say. Are you ready to help me?
    You: Yes.
    Jonathan Squire: Okay, I'll show you the phrase on which I'm stuck one at a time. Help me complete them.

    Fill in the blank in his Love Note

    Simply put the word "love" in each blank space he asks you to fill.


    Jonathan Squire: Oh, thats really good. Thank you!

    Jonathan Squire: Yes, yes! I'd have never thought of that!

    Jonathan Squire: Wow, you're good at this. That sounds just about perfect!

    Jonathan Squire: That's it! I don't know how you're able to come up with the absolute best word time and again!

    Jonathan Squire: Hooray! With your help I've finished it. Now she'll finally know how i feel about her!

    Jonathan Squire: This is amazing! You have such a way with words. I'd never have been able to complete this without you! Thank you!!

    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): < Well done. Jonathan is sure to find his love returned twofold. Return to Benjamin and relate to him the lenghts to which love will still go in the galaxy. >

    Return to Benjamin

    Return to Benjamin, the Disillusioned Festival of Love Sage, and relate to him the lenghts to which love will still go in the galaxy.

    Benjamin: Hmm...he wanted to let his beloved know how much he loves her? It is compelling to know that someone would go to such lenghts to share his love with another, and i truly hope it lasts. But it isn't enough.
    You: Not enough?
    Benjamin: One person is something, I'll grant you. It's a start. But what is one person in an entire galaxy of beings? What difference does one couple's love make to a galaxy of hate?
    You: It matters.
    Benjamin: How?
    You: ...
    Benjamin: That's what i thought.

    Mister Hate

    Another attempt to show Benjamin, the Disillusioned Ewok Festival of Love Sage, that love still exists even in a galaxy at war.

    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): < I have another idea. It's of a bit more personal nature. Please come speak with me. >

    Conversation with Mr. Love

    Mr. Love has another idea that might help convince Benjamin, the Disillusioned Ewok Festival of Love Sage, that love still has power in a war-torn galaxy.

    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): As i said, this matter is a bit personal, but perhaps it is just what you seek. For, you see, I have a brother.
    You: A brother?
    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): Yes, a brother. Surprising, I know. Even more surprising, I think, would be the fact that he is filled with seething hatred. Hatred towards all people, but most especially towards me. Yes, even I, Mr. Love, cannot always escape hate.
    You: Seems a bit ironic.
    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): What's worse is that my brother changed changed his name. Changed it to Mister Hate. My hope is that you can find a way to use love to snap him out of his hatred.
    You: Where can i find him?
    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): On the rare occassion that we speak...or when I speak and he grunts in my direction...I can summon him back behind the cantina. I tap out a code on a barrel back there and he usually shows up shortly afterward. I sometimes meet him behind either of the hotels, so you could try the same thing here.
    You: That's how you contact your brother??!!
    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): I know, but it's the only way. He refuses anything else i try.

    Express some Love to Mister Hate

    Find a way to express some love to Msiter Hate. If he responds then you will have proven that love still a force of great power in the galaxy. You can get Mister Hate to show himself by tapping the code Mr. Love showed you on a barrel behind the cantina or one of the hotels.

    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): Perhaps...just can find a way through his hatred.

    Go to any of the following waypoints and tap the code on a barrel by using the radial menu(right click):
    /way Corellia -5522 -2537 Hotel Barrel 1;
    /way Corellia -5299 -2492 Cantina Barrel;
    /way Corellia -5130 -2486 Hotel Barrel 2;

    After you tapped the code, Mister Hate will spawn and attack you.

    Mister Hate:'re not my brother!

    Quickly target him and put reticle on him, then type /love command.

    Mister Friendly
    : love me, <your name here>?? No one has ever said anything like that to me...

    Conversation with Mister Hate

    Speak with Mister Hate and find out what he has to say.

    Mister Friendly: No one has ever shown me that they care. Not even my entire life.
    You: No one? Not ever?
    Mister Friendly: No one. Ever. Not even my brother, so-called Mr. Love. What a phony he is, if you ask me. But you...thank you..
    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): < You've managed to rid Mister Hate of his hatred simply by showing him some love. What more could Benjamin ask? >

    Mister Friendly: In my book, you are Mister Love. Not my brother.

    Dr. Schill(aka Mr. Love): I cannot create love, but I can help people remember where they left it.

    Return to Benjamin

    Return to the Disillusioned Festival of Love Sage and relate to him the saga of Mister Hate.

    Benjamin: Mister hate? brought peace to Mister Hate through love? I...I'm overwhelmed.
    You: So you believe in love again?
    Benjamin: It will take some time, I think, but i have hope again. You have brought me hope. And maybe that in itself is the proof i needed. Thank you.
    You: You're welcome.
    Benjamin: I think maybe I have a Festival to get back to.

    Benjamin: Don't worry...I haven't regressed. But it will take some time for me to completely get back on track.

    Disciple of Benjamin: Thank you so much for helping Benjamin!


    As a reward for this quest, you get:
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