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52...er...7 Festival of Love Pick-Me-Up

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  • 52...er...7 Festival of Love Pick-Me-Up

    52...er...7 Festival of Love Pick-Me-Up quest can be started and completed during the Ewok Festival of Love.
    To begin, find an Ewok child in any of the following locations:

    /way Naboo 5238 6733 Kadaara;
    /way Corellia -5170 -2561 Tyrena;
    /way Endor -663 -5036 Southern Ewok Village;​

    This quest can be repeated every 24 hours.

    Conversation with an Ewok child

    Once you find the child, speak with it to begin the quest.

    An Ewok child
    : Can you help find my lost Festival of Love cards?
    You: I would be glad to help.
    An Ewok child: Oh thank you! I lost them while wandering through Tyrena, Kaadara, or our Lake village. I had a complete set in a nice bundle, but they must've come loose.

    Alternative choice.

    You: No, thanks.
    An Ewok child: Oh, I see. Happy Festival of Love to you.

    52...er...7 Festival of Love Pick-Me-Up

    Level: 5
    Help an Ewok Child find his lost Festival of Love cards.
    Recommended combat level: 1​

    Search for the Cards

    These cards are scattered around in three places mentioned before:

    • /way Naboo 5238 6733 Kadaara;​
    • /way Corellia -5170 -2561 Tyrena;​
    • /way Endor -663 -5036 Southern Ewok Village;​
    Best way to find them is to use /target command with appropriate card number.
    There are 7 Cards in total.

    After collecting all 7 cards, right click on any of them in your inventory and choose "Bundle a Card Set", you will receive a No-Trade Bundle of Ewok Festival of Love Cards in return.

    Return to the Child

    Return to the Ewok child and surprise it with good news.

    An Ewok child: You found them! The entire set!!
    You: I did.
    An Ewok child: Oh, thank you! Here take some of my Festival of Love Chak Hearts...it's the least I can do in treturn. Oh, and if you don't mind, come see me again tomorrow. I may need more cards!

    An Ewok child: Thank you for finding my cards! And a happy Festival of Love to you!


    Repeating the Quest

    You can repeat this quest every 24 hours.
    It can be completed an unlimited amount of times.