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52...er...7 Festival of Love Pick-Me-Up

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  • 52...er...7 Festival of Love Pick-Me-Up(what a name) quest can be started and completed during Ewok Festival of Love.
    To begin, find an Ewok child in any of the following locations:
    • /way 5238 6733 Kadaara(Naboo);
    • /way -5170 -2561 Tyrena(Corellia);
    • /way -663 -5036 Southern Ewok Village(Endor);
    This quest can be repeated every 24 hours.

    Conversation with an Ewok child

    Once you find the child, speak with it to begin the quest.

    An Ewok child
    : Can you help find my Lost Festival of Love cards?
    You: I would be glad to help.
    An Ewok child: Oh thank you! I Lost them while wandering through Tyrena, Kaadara, or our Lake village. I had a complete set in a nice bundle, but they must've come loose.

    Alternative choice.

    You: No, thanks.
    An Ewok child: Oh, I see. Happy Festival of Love to you.

    52...er...7 Festival of Love Pick-Me-Up

    Level: 5
    Help an Ewok Child find his Lost Festival of Love cards.
    Recommended Combat level: 1

    Search for the Cards

    These cards are scattered around in three cities mentioned before Kaadara on Naboo, Tyrena on Corellia and Southern Ewok Lake Village on Endor.
    Best way to find any of them is to use /target command with appropriate card number.

    Example below:
    • /tar First - "Happy Love Day"
    • /tar Second - "Happy Love Day"
    • /tar Third - "Celebrate the Love"
    • /tar Fourth - "Happy Ewok Love Day"
    • /tar Fifth - it doesn't say anything
    • /tar Sixth - "From That Special Someone"
    • /tar Seventh - "Happy Love Day"
    Each card has different appearance, click on the card number to see it. They can be traded to another players.

    After collecting all cards, right click on any of them and choose "Bundle a Card Set", you will receive a No-Trade Bundle of Ewok Festival of Love Cards in return.


    Return to the Child

    Return to the Ewok child and surprise him with good news.

    An Ewok child: You found them! The entire set!!
    You: I did.
    An Ewok child: Oh, thank you! Here take some of my Festival of Love Chak Hearts...it's the least I can do in treturn. Oh, and if you don't mind, come see me again tomorrow. I may need more cards!

    An Ewok child: Thank you for finding my cards! And a happy Festival of Love to you!

    • Achievement: Gathering Festival of Love Cards 2023
    • 3x Ewok Festival of Love Chak Heart

    Repeating the Quest

    You can repeat this quest every 24 hours.
    It can be completed unlimited amount of times.

    • 3x Ewok Festival of Love Chak Heart