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    Image Designer is a profession that branches off from the Entertainer profession tree and allows the player to customize characters well beyond what's possible at character creation. In order to learn Novice Image Designer, you must have Novice Entertainer and all of the Image Design skill boxes in the Entertainer profession (4xxx Entertainer).

    The leftmost skill tree provides the Image Designer with more hairstyling options, progressively unlocking more and more as you advance. The next skill tree provides more face customization options. Following that, the Bodyform tree allows the Image Designer to adjust the Height, Weight, Muscle, and Torso sliders. Finally, the rightmost tree unlocks tattoos for Zabraks, lekku patterns, Wookiee fur patterns, and other species-specific markings.

    Master Image Designer is required to unlock all possible markings, face, and body customization options.

    Unlike in other versions of the game, you do not need to be in an Image Design tent in order to access all Image Design options. The element of a certain amount of "time" being required for the Image Design to take effect has also been removed, as has the "Stat Migration" ability. All Image Design takes effect within seconds of the client accepting the changes.


    Image Designers can apply "Holo-Emotes" to clients. These are visual effects that can be triggered by typing /holoemote <holoemote name>. Different Holo-Emotes are unlocked through the Hairstyling skill tree. A Master Image Designer can give you access to all of the Holo-Emotes, or just one, with a Holo-Emote generator that provides 20 Holo-Emote uses.
    Note that the Holo-Emote generator is not an item or ability, it's just something that's baked into the Image Design interface: When performing an Image Design, you can click over to the Advanced tab and select Holo-Emotes for the client.

    Hairstyling 1 unlocks the Beehive, Brainstorm, Imperial, and Rebel Holo-Emotes.

    Hairstyling 2 unlocks the Bubblehead, Hologlitter, Holonotes, and Sparky Holo-Emotes.

    Hairstyling 3 unlocks the Bullhorns, Champagne, Kitty, and Phonytail Holo-Emotes.

    Hairstyling 4 unlocks the Blossom, Butterflies, Haunted, and Hearts Holo-Emotes.

    You can check which Holo-Emotes you have access to by typing the command /holoemote help. The command brings up a menu telling you how many charges you have left and which holoemotes you have access to.
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