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  • Profession Overview​

    Entertainer is one of the Starting Professions that branches off into a handful of unique elite professions. Those who wish to interact with a large portion of the player base and have a penchant for performing should consider playing as an Entertainer.

    This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

    XP Requirements to Master:

    • 31,000 Image Design XP (granted by performing Image Designs)
    • 66,000 Musicianship XP (granted by playing music with flourishes 1-8)
    • 66,000 Dancing XP (granted by dancing with flourishes 1-9)
    • 141,000 Entertainer XP (having players watch/listen to you)

    Base Skills Overview​

    Entertainers inspire their audience members. When players listen to or watch an Entertainer, they accrue a buff duration. The Entertainer can then grant an Inspiration Buff that the player requests. There are several values that can be buffed such as a bonus to combat experience, faction points, and crafting success. All Entertainers have this ability, but can apply it more persistently with more skill.

    The basic Entertainer profession compromises different skill sets, three leading to an elite profession, with one as support.

    Image Design​

    An Image Design is a character-modification ability that provides avatar modifications (including hair, skin, eyes, etc). If a character chooses to advance to full-fledged Image Designer they will have a wealth of abilities open to them in avatar modification.

    You gain XP by undertaking Image Design on another character or yourself. In a similar vein to crafting stations, some image design changes require you to be in a Salon (aka Image Design Tent)


    Entertainers with Dancing skills learn fluid dancing abilities and are able to mesmerize their audience with their movements. Characters who advance to a full Dancer profession will find a whole world of dance and other visual delights.

    Dancing XP is gained by dancing and performing flourishes during your dance.


    Where Dancers captivate your eyes, the Musicians will be a treat for your ears. Entertainers with Musician skills will be able to construct and play basic instruments and learn new songs. Taking it a step further to Musician will enable the character to play large exciting instrument such as the Nalargon.

    Musician XP is gained by equipping and playing a musical instrument and performing flourishes during your song.

    Entertainer Item Use​

    This skill works with both Dancing and Music in that it enhances the Entertainer's ability to inspire their audience using more advanced instruments or fancier props. Advancing as far as possible in these skills is almost a requirement for those who wish to help as well as entertain.

    Entertainer XP is gained by having other characters listen or watch you playing an instrument or dancing. Having them clap, applaud or cheer will give you a small boost, however it does flood the chat with emotes!

    Gaining Experience​

    The first thing you could do, before you start advancing in entertainer profession, is to apply an inspiration buff on yourself. You can do that either by typing “/inspire self” or only “/inspire” without targeting anyone else. The other way is to click on the Inspire ability on your toolbar (pink icon). The xp bonus buff is called “Flush with success”. Initially you can apply only 12% xp bonus. Another option is to ask a friendly experienced entertainer to buff you for 15% xp bonus.

    For Dancing and Musicianship the easiest way is to just head to a cantina and play music or dance. You want to be aiming to perform two flourishes every 10 seconds in order to maximise the amount of XP that you gain. You could use a macro, to avoid constant clicking and get some free time to interact with other players. You could name this macro "Flourish" and it will automatically repeat (use the /dump command in chat to stop the macro)

    /flourish 1;
    /pause 5;
    /flourish 2;
    /pause 5;
    /flourish 3;
    /pause 5;
    /flourish 4;
    /pause 5;
    /flourish 5;
    /pause 5;
    /flourish 6;
    /pause 5;
    /flourish 7;
    /pause 5;
    /flourish 8;
    /pause 5;
    /macro flourish

    Entertainer XP is more tricky because it requires a character to /watch or /listen to you - but it doesn't quite stop there. You only gain XP as you build up the Inspiration buff timer, once you're maxed out on this you won't acquire any more entertainer XP unless that character stops and re-watches/listens. In a perfect world, you'd have a whole host of people visiting the cantina for your inspiration buffs, however generally you'll have a more proficient entertainer offering buffs instead (it's a dog eat dog world). Alternatively, if you have a friend who's happy to watch/listen to you and reset every few minutes. Also, you can ask the other entertainers in the cantina to invite you in their group and this way you will get xp while someone is watching/listening to them.

    If you've not a friend who will do this and finding the cantina trade is poor, SWG R3 does have an answer to this in each account being able to have multiple characters. You can "Multi-Box" by running two instances of the game with a different character in each. You can also run the following macro on your non-entertainer to reset the watch/listen when the buff timer builds to 3hr 30m (name this macro "Listen" - for a dancer watch just replace the listen with watch). This just helps to simplify the process.

    /pause 240;
    /pause 3;
    /macro listen;