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  • Lancer (formerly Pikeman)

    What makes Lancer different?

    Lancer are primarily known for their AoE attacks. To a lesser degree, their state attacks and defense. This profession has both a normal damage spin attack as well as a spin knockdown attack. These are particularly useful for farming xp, pulling aggro, and crowd control. These attacks do an average amount of damage but if there are several enemies the DPS can add up quickly. For single targets, Lancer does have a few medium-high damage attacks, but are generally not recognized as a high DPS single target profession. State attacks include intimidate, warcry, and stun.

    • Brawler, Two-Handed IV (2H Sword xp)
    • Brawler, Polearms IV (Polearm xp)

    Skill Tree Lines
    • Novice (Polearm xp) - Leg Hit
    • Stances (Polearm xp) - Sweep Attack & speed
    • Offensive Techniques (Polearm xp) - Spin Attack, Impale, Leg Hit, accuracy
    • Defensive Techniques (Polearm xp) - Warcry & Intimidate, defense
    • Support (Combat xp) - Stun and defense
    • Master (Polearm xp) - Intimidate & Impale

    Armor type: Battle Armor

    • Sweep Attack - AoE knockdown
    • Spin Attack - AoE attack
    • Impale - Single target attack
    • Leg Hit - Single target attack
    • Warcry - Slow down target attack speed
    • Intimidate - Enemy damage reduction state
    • Stun - Prevent target regenerating action points

    Common Crafted Weapons
    • Cryo Lance
    • Electric Polearm
    • Lance
    • Long Vibro Axe
    • Metal Staff
    • Reinforced Combat Staff
    • Vibro Lance
    • Wood Staff

    Rare Weapons
    • TBD