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Teras Kasi Artist

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  • What makes Teras Kasi Artist different?

    Teras Kasi Artists are primarily known for their defensive abilities and being able to rely on innate strength to attack and defend. One of the most powerful tanking abilities in the game is Center of Being, which adds significant stats to your defense. That combined with Power Boost, which increases health, makes for a formidable tank profession. As a TKA levels up, their innate armor and unarmed damage is increased naturally. The benefit is that the character does not require purchasing or equipping anything. Wielding high-end crafted weapons and equipping quality armor will ultimately have better stats, but the innate armor and being unarmed does not decay and is helpful as you get established in the galaxy.

    • Brawler, Two-Handed IV (2H Sword xp)
    • Brawler, Unarmed IV (Unarmed xp)

    Skill Tree Lines
    • Novice (Unarmed xp) - Meditate
    • Meditation (Unarmed xp) - Power Boost, Force of Will, Meditation bonus
    • Balance Techniques (Unarmed xp) - Center of Being, Leg Sweep, defense and armor
    • Power Techniques (Unarmed xp) - Dizzy Attack, Taunt Bonus, speed, damage, and armor
    • Precision Striking (Combat xp) - Combo Attack, Taunt Bonus, defense, accuracy, and armor
    • Master (Unarmed xp) - Dizzy Attack, Combo Attack

    Armor type: Innate Armor - Requires no equipment and is equivalent to 6000 stat armor at highest level

    • Meditate - Heals wounds (must /sit prior)
    • Center of Being - Grants significant defense bonus
    • Force of Will - Fast incapacitation recovery
    • Power Boost - Adds +500 to health (must be meditating)
    • Leg Sweep - Single target knockdown
    • Combo Attack - High damage single target attack
    • Dizzy Attack - Enemy accuracy and defense reduction
    • Taunt Bonus - Pulls aggro

    Common Crafted Weapons
    • Unarmed - No weapon equipped
    • Blaster Fist
    • Massassi Knuckler
    • Vibro Knuckler

    Rare Weapons
    • TBD