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Rare Loot System

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  • The Rare Loot System is a looting mechanic that gives all qualifying mobs in the galaxy a chance to drop a Rare Loot Chest with unique and hard-to-find valuables. The system was introduced by SOE during the NGE as part of Hot Fix 17.10 and is available on Restoration. The Rare Loot System was refactored by Restoration III as part of the October 2021 Mid-Month Patch.

    Rare Loot Chance

    Minimum Qualifications to Loot

    In order to even have the chance at rare loot, you must satisfy the following requirements:
    • You must be actively providing user input (be at the keyboard, not just using a macro).
    • If you are in a group, every group member within 30m of the defeated mob must also be active at the keyboard.
    • The mob must be at least Level 40.
    • The mob must not be lower than 5 Combat Levels below you (for example, if you are level 70, defeating a level 68 mob will still give you a chance for Rare Loot, but defeating a level 64 will not).
    • You cannot earn rare loot on the last planet where you previously earned rare loot. For example, if you last looted rare loot on Tatooine, you must loot a Rare Loot Chest on another planet (e.g., Dathomir) before you can loot a Rare Loot Chest again on Tatooine.
    • You cannot earn rare loot on the same mob as the last one that you got rare loot from. For example, if you last got rare loot from a Tusken Raider, you must loot a Rare Loot Chest from a different mob before it will be possible to loot one from a Tusken Raider again.

    Probability for Rare Loot

    If a player meets all of the Bare Minimum Qualifications to Loot, they will have a 0.5% chance to loot a Rare Loot Chest. For every 100 points of Opportune Chance (luck) a player has, they will gain 0.1% chance up to a maximum of 1%. For example, if you have 350 points of Opportune Chance, the probability of looting a Rare Loot Chest is 0.8%.

    Probability for Chest Types

    The chance to loot a "Rare" level chest is 70%. If a player rolls in the other 30%, they will either receive an "Exceptional" or "Legendary" chest. The chance for a Legendary level chest is increased if you are defeating a silver (or increased even more for a gold) elite mob. The Developers have intentionally chosen not to provide additional information about chest type probability.

    Rare Loot Collection

    With the release of the Rare Loot System, a collection was added to the game which tracks whether you've looted each of the 3 Rare Loot Chest Types (Rare, Exceptional, and Legendary). Upon looting all 3 types, players earn the "Fortune Hunter" title.

    Rare Loot Items

    As part of Hot Fix, the Rare Loot System had a change to the system to only include their own loot pools and not inherit from the lesser quality chests i.e Legendary Loot Box will only reward items from the Legendary category and not also include Rare and Exceptional.

    Items on Restoration differ to the typical list on other servers. Items here include things from the TCG system, but also Jedi related items seem to have been removed, such as the Cloaks and Crystals.

    Here are some of the items that are confirmed currently.

    Rare - Player Reported

    Miniature Wroshyr Tree
    No Division (Painting)
    Food Preparation (Painting)
    Fighter's Courage (Painting)
    Warrior's Honor (Painting)
    Emperor's Eyes (TIE Sentinel) (Painting)
    Feared (Painting)
    Pilgrimage (Painting)
    ROTJ Endor Helmet
    Triumph (Painting)
    Living Canals
    Bothan Beauty
    Bothan Buff
    Cast Wing In Flight
    Fighter Study
    Hutt Greed
    Imperial Oppression (TIE Oppressor)
    Poster of a Ship Schematic
    Poster of Turret Schematic
    Tatooine Dune Speeder
    Miniature Wroshyr Tree
    Bubble Tank

    Exceptional - Staff Confirmed

    Xeno Couch
    Xeno Table
    Xeno Recliper
    Xeno Rug
    Xeno Desk
    Xeno Desk
    Xeno Lamp
    Monkey Lizard DNA
    Advertisement Rodian (Painting)
    Fighter (Painting)
    Gungan Statue Style 1 Schematic
    Gungan Statue Style 2 Schematic
    Gungan Statue Style 3 Schematic
    Gungan Statue Style 4 Schematic
    Holo-Entertainment Table
    Jedi Relic
    Poster of Block Turret Schematic (Painting)
    Prayer Mobile
    The War Phoenix (Painting)
    Anniversary Goggles
    Galactic Gathering

    Exceptional - Player Reported

    Redemption (Painting)
    Corellian Corvette Hologram
    A New Hope (Painting)
    Dusk in Kachirho (Painting)
    A Rebel Painting (Painting)
    A Festive Gathering (Painting)
    Portrait of the Emperor

    Legendary - Staff Confirmed

    Dug Costume Instructions
    Dusk in Kachirho (Painting)
    Mercenaries' Despair/ (Painting)
    Mercenaries' Lament/Portrait of High Commander T'inia (Painting)
    Nightsister Melee Armguard
    Rare Painting (Painting)
    AT-PT Walker Vehicle Deed
    Gunship Blueprint (Painting)
    Mechno Chair
    Corellian G9 Rigger Freighter ITV
    Forage Worm DNA
    Emperor's Senate Office Chair
    Emperor's Senate Office Desk
    Emperor's Senate Office Lamp
    CLE-004 Holo-pet Data Cube
    INS-444 Holo-pet Data Cube