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Travel to the Nightsister Stronghold

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Previous Quest: << Rubina's Quests

    Level: 85
    Rubina has used her influence to gain you access to the Nightsister Stronghold. Travel to their stronghold and learn how you might earn their confidence.

    Recommended combat level: 80

    Travel to the Nightsister Stronghold​

    Travel to the Nightsister stronghold and meet with Saik, the gate keeper, inside the building.
    • Make your way towards the Nightsister Stronghold at the waypoint provided
    • Upon arriving to the waypoint, you will find Gate Keeper Saik, speak with her
    /way dathomir -4085 -137 Gate Keeper Saik;

    Gate Keeper Saik: Salutations, Outworlder. The recommendation of Rubina carries power and respect in our clan. It is wise for you to respect the Nightsisters as well. We have the expectation of mutual benefit from a unique, short-term partnership with you. You are welcome, outsider, if it is so.
    You: My thanks. What now?
    Gate Keeper Saik: I assume you seek the most powerful Nightsister, Spell Weaver Leandra. She is expecting you. Continue within until you come to some stairs leading up to the higher chambers. Leandra's chamber is behind the door to your right as you top the stairs.

    This will complete the quest and will start and complete the Nightsisters' Trust collection, which rewards the Nightsister Respected Badge.

    What next?​

    The Nightsister Stronghold serves as the hub for the Witches of Dathomir Theme Park for the Nightsister faction.

    There are a number of NPCs inside the stronghold that offer quests, as well as, a vendor.

    Sage N'um​

    Sage N'um offers Witches of Dathomir content intended for crafters. If the player is NOT one of the eight elite Artisan professions, she will tell the player to go away.

    She is located inside the Nightsister Stronghold on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir -4097 -171 Sage N'um;

    Sage N'um: I've heard your name. I might have a task for you if you would be willing to help an old witch.
    You: What do you need from me?
    Sage N'um: A long time ago, one of the great witches of the past created a number of shrines. They were meant to teach valuable lessons. However, youth nowadays care little for wisdom, they are all so busy grasping for power.
    You: Where do I get involved?
    Sage N'um: The shrines have fallen into disrepair over the years. I've no longer the strength to travel the wilds to tend to the shrines. I need someone to repair the shrines to ensure that they are not lost to time.
    You: Yes I can do that.
    Sage N'um: Thank you young one. Now, in order to do this, you will need to study the altar you are attempting to repair. There you will find some hints as to how the shrine should be restored. It will also help you draw up plans to craft the parts needed to complete the repair.
    You: Very well.
    Sage N'um: Good, please hurry now.

    Herbalist Satra​

    Herbalist Satra offers the player a quest to gather herbs, as they did previously for Rubina in Toil and Trouble, but this time it's specifically for the Nightsisters.

    She is located inside the Nightsister Stronghold on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir -4102 -138 Herbalist Satra;

    Herbalist Satra: Ah, you are finally here!
    You: You've been expecting me?
    Herbalist Satra: Of course, I have been, fool! Why do I always have to deal with the simpleminded ones?! I'll try to use small words.
    You: Simpleminded?! Whatever; I'll play along. Please. Explain. To. Me.
    Herbalist Satra: I use special plants to make special things. Those plants must be found and gathered for me. You are here to gather them and store them for me. Understand?
    You: How do I know which plants to pick? Where do I store them when I'm done?
    Herbalist Satra: Here are some simple descriptions; simple enough even for you. When you have all of the herbs I require, simply bring them back here and store them in the nearby basket.
    You: Okay, fine. I'll do it. Just one more thing though... where do I find the herbs?
    Herbalist Satra: Oh, all over! Do I have to hold your hand?! Some of the other Nightsisters have special places which they have discovered, maybe you should bother them! Now begone!

    Following Quest: Nightsisters' Toil and Trouble >>

    Fath H'ray​

    Fath H'ray offers the player a questline revolving around the mutant rancors you fought previously for Rubina during her mutant rancor quest.

    She is located inside the Nightsister Stronghold on the 2nd floor on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir -4120 -155 Fath H'ray;

    Fath H'ray: So the Mysterious Rubina has spoken for you, eh? Impressive. I hear you did some work for her during which you killed some rancor?
    You: Yes, mutant rancor.
    Fath H'ray: I need you to hunt some of these abominations.
    You: What is the problem with mutant rancor?
    Fath H'ray: Other than their appearance, do you know the real difference between the true rancor and the mutations?
    You: I'm not sure.
    Fath H'ray: The rancor is actually a quite intelligent creature with mothers communicating to teach their young. In fact, I believe that they could eventually be taught to use weapons and wear armor!
    You: Unbelievable.
    Fath H'ray: Yet true. These mutations, however, are mentally unstable and highly aggressive. They are too stupid to respond to the whip and cannot be broken.
    You: So that is why they are hunted?
    Fath H'ray: It is. Now it seems that the numbers of these abominations are on the rise.
    You: Do you have any idea why?
    Fath H'ray: Not really, but Clan scouts have located a cave that often seems to be guarded by a particularly large rancor. The aura of that cave is savage and bestial.
    You: So you would like me to see what's going on in that cave and elimate mutated rancors?
    Fath H'ray: Correct. Many, if not all, of the true rancor in this cave likely carry the seeds of mutation. If they must also be slain, that is acceptable.
    You: No problem.
    Fath H'ray: Collect some blood from the mutations you slay for me to study.

    Following Quest: The Whole Truth >>

    Rancor Tamer Diax​

    Rancor Tamer Diax offers Witches of Dathomir content intended for entertainers. If the player is NOT an entertainer, she will tell the player to go away.

    She is located inside the Nightsister Stronghold on the 2nd floor on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir -4105 -136 Rancor Tamer Diax;

    Rancor Tamer Diax: [Player's name], I've heard your name whispered among the sisters. I suspect that we share many of the same skills. You could be useful to me.
    You: What do you mean? Explain yourself.
    Rancor Tamer Diax: As you might know, the Nightsisters make use of the rancors of this planet. However they are simple minded creatures and it is no simple task to bend them to your will. I want you to use your skills to calm a rancor and lead it back here where I can take over its training.
    You: Wait, you want me to bend the will of a rancor? How? With a Slitherhorn?
    Rancor Tamer Diax: Rancors are not too bright. You can calm and lure them using dance or music. That is, as long as they don't eat you.
    You: I can't say I like where this is going.
    Rancor Tamer Diax: To bring the rancor here you'll need to fool the rancor into thinking you are harmless. Music and dance can both help calm the rancor. In addition you will need to apply a salve we brew. This salve will confuse the beast, giving you a small chance to calm the rancor before it decides to eat you.
    You: So the rancor won't attack me?
    Rancor Tamer Diax: Why of course it will. You will need to get up close and use your skills to calm the beast before it decides to attack you.
    You: That could be bad for my health you know!
    Rancor Tamer Diax: That rancors, being rancors, will often simply attack out of instinct. If that happens all you can really do is run. Once it gives up the chance you could return and try again. It's tricky but if you live long enough you might get the hang of it.
    You: I'll do it. It's crazy, but still, it can't be worse than Mos Eisley Cantina on a Saturday night.
    Rancor Tamer Diax: Good. Now, don't waste any time. The salve will only retain its effectiveness for an hour. After that you'll have no chance of calming the rancor.

    Culinarian Kais​

    Culinarian Kais offers the player an opportunity to hunt and fish for the Nightsisters.

    You ARE able to take both of her quests at the same time.

    She is located inside the Nightsister Stronghold on the 2nd floor on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir -4085 -156 Culinarian Kais;

    Hunting Quest​

    You: I can do some hunting.
    Culinarian Kais: Very well. Find and kill five Bolmas, then bring me their meat. While they can be fierce creatures they provide a good meal if you can bring them down.

    Fishing Quest​

    You: I will bring you some fish.
    Culinarian Kais: Very well, catch five fish and return here when you are done.

    Spell Weaver Leandra​

    Spell Weaver Leandra offers the player a questline revolving around the Spider Clan.

    She is located inside the Nightsister Stronghold on the 2nd floor on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir -4102 -166 Spell Weaver Leandra;

    Spell Weaver Leandra: You are the Outworlder spoken for by Rubina?
    You: I am.
    Spell Weaver Leandra: I have learned that certain Initiates sent out to gather herbs some distance away have not returned.
    You: Your students are tardy. Is that it?
    Spell Weaver Leandra: I never said they were my students. I have, however, endeavored to locate them but my spells of Seeking have failed; which is most unusual.
    You: So you want me to go see what's happened to them?
    Spell Weaver Leandra: Well done. I will contact you when you have reached the herb field; try not to be too frightened.

    Following Quest: Lost >>


    Gethzerion offers the player quests to lower the population of the Spider Clan and Singing Mountain Clan, or quests related to the sisters of the void.

    She is located inside the Nightsister Stronghold on the 2nd floor on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir -4087 -135 Gethzerion;

    Gethzerion: I will not waste words when there are tasks to do. As an Outworlder your talents should prove useful when dealing with, among other things, the Singing Mountain Clan, or the so-called Spiderclan.

    Decreasing Singing Mountain Clan Numbers Quest​

    You: What about the Singing Mountain Clan?
    Gethzerion: The Singing Mountain Clan. They are always a thorn in my side but lately they seem to have gained a greater measure of confidence; perhaps they, too, have Outworlder assistance. Whatever the case, it is time they were shown their true standing on Dathomir.
    You: Shall I remove this thorn from you side?
    Gethzerion: No need to kill the entire clan; just a few should do nicely.

    Following Quest: A Tale of Two Clans >>

    Decreasing Spiderclan Numbers Quest​

    You: What about the Spiderclan?
    Gethzerion: There is and can be only one clan of Nightsisters. This rogue clan that has taken up with the spiders... they are as great an annoyance as their pets.
    You: Shall I exterminate them?
    Gethzerion: A handful of deaths at the hand of a true Nightsister ally should put them in their place.

    Following Quest: Outlaws >>

    Voidsisters Questline​

    You: What are these 'other things' you mentioned?
    Gethzerion: Some time ago I sensed a disturbance in the aura of the planet. Over time this disturbance has grown. Not a single scout that left to investigate has yet returned. I would have you investigate this and deal with it as befits an ally of the Nightsisters.
    You: I like to serve.
    Gethzerion: Let us hope that you do; as others apparently have not.

    Following Quest: Recon >>

    Nightsister Vendor​

    The Nightsister Vendor is the official vendor for the Nightsister faction in the Witches of Dathomir Theme Park. However, she does not accept credits...

    She is located at the back of the stronghold.

    /way dathomir -4119 -176 Nightsister Vendor;