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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Singing Mountain Clan Previous Quest: << Travel to the Singing Mountain

    Note: You can only do this questline once. If you attempt to do it a 2nd time on the other faction, the Ghost Witch will not let you continue to the next quest in the questline.

    Level: 90
    The Nightsister Clan Mother, Gethzerion, has felt a disturbance in the aura of the planet. Nightsister Scouts sent to investigate have never returned. Now it's your turn.
    Singing Mountain Clan
    The Singing Mountain Clan Mother, Aujante K'lee, has felt a disturbance in the aura of the planet. Singing Mountain Scouts sent to investigate have never returned. Now it's your turn. Locate the cave that was reported and collect blood samples from any mutated rancor that you find inside.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Find the Disturbance​

    The ghost of a Dathomiri Witch has appeared and summoned you to speak with her, how can you refuse?
    • Go to the updated waypoint a few meters away, where you will find the Ghost Witch in a hut. Speak with her
    /way dathomir -6895 -4853 Ghost Witch;

    Ghost Witch: I greet you, Outworlder. I am, or was, Amaya Kymeri the Clan Mother for the Howling Crag Clan. There is so much to tell you that I hardly know where to begin.
    You: Perhaps if I ask some questions it will help you focus your thoughts?

    This completes the quest. Continue speaking with the Ghost Witch to receive the next quest.

    Ghost Witch: That sounds like an excellent idea; you may begin.
    You: What do you mean you 'was'... er... were?
    Ghost Witch: I was the Clan Mother, I was Amaya Kymeri; The Howling Crag was a clan.
    You: Now I'm really confused.
    Ghost Witch: I no longer dwell among the living, yet my spirit remains so that I may try to set right a great and growing wrong.
    You: What is this great wrong?
    Ghost Witch: I believe it is what has brought you to me; a disturbance in the aura of the very planet itself.
    You: What are those... things... outside?
    Ghost Witch: They are a small portion of what remains of my clan, or what would come to take the place of my clan if things are allowed to continue as they are.
    You: What things?
    Ghost Witch: The things that have brought you to me; a disturbance in the aura of our beautiful planet that began small but has rapidly grown into a monster.
    You: What do you know about a disturbance in the aura of Dathomir?
    Ghost Witch: I do not know for certain, but I suspect the cause. I further suspect it and my own plight are entwined and it is this that has led you to me.
    You: What is it you suspect?
    Ghost Witch: The Outworlder plague that has come to Dathomir, or rather, the Imperial efforts to contain it.
    You: So your problem is with the Empire?
    Ghost Witch: Yes and no. In their misguided attempts to contain this plague they sought to eradicate any trace of it's contagion. They believed my clan tainted by such a trace.
    You: They destroyed your entire clan?!
    Ghost Witch: Again yes and no. Three yet remain. They have fought off the infection through great strength of their spells thus far but it is winning. They were once Sisters of the Howling Crag Clan. Now they are Sisters of the Void.
    You: Tell me more about them.
    Ghost Witch: My youngest daughter is... was... Naija, now known as the Voidsister Huntress.
    You: Wait, your daughters?!
    Ghost Witch: Yes, the three most powerful witches of my clan were also of my blood. Little Naija was a skilled huntress and loved the hunt above all else, except the clan itself. The clan is a love she shared in equal measure with her sisters. And her mother.
    You: And she is losing her battle to this infection?
    Ghost Witch: Yes. It is twisted her love with it's own need to spread. Now she hunts other witches and then reanimates their corpses in a misguided mad attempt to bring back her lost clan.
    You: That's horrible!
    Ghost Witch: And though it pains me more than you can imagine to say so, it is true nonetheless that she has become too dangerous to be allowed to continue.
    You: Are you asking me to... put an end to her?
    Ghost Witch: As she is now, I am certain her power would overwhelm even you. You must first distract her. Make an offering of her favorite prey on an alter near where she hunts now. The should bring her back to herself long enough for you to gain some advantage.

    Following Quest: Confirmed Dead >>