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Travel to the Singing Mountain

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Previous Quest: << Rubina's Quests

    Level: 85
    Rubina has used her influence to gain you access to the Singing Mountain Clan Stronghold. Travel to the Singing Mountain and learn how you might earn their confidence.

    Recommended combat level: 80

    Travel to the Singing Mountain​

    Travel to the Singing Mountain Clans stronghold and meet with Vurlene, the door keeper, inside the building.
    • Make your way towards the Singing Mountain Clan Stronghold at the waypoint provided
    • Upon arriving to the waypoint, enter the building and speak with Vurlene
    /way dathomir 150 432 4495 Vurlene;

    Vurlene: Greetings, I am Vurlene. The word of Rubina holds a great deal of respect. We hope to benefit from your presence among us. Never in our clan's memory has an Outworlder been seen with the Mysterious Rubina.
    You: How might we benefit each other?
    Vurlene: It is not mine to say, see Arch Witch Azzenaj. She is just over there. She is expecting you.

    This will complete the quest and will start and complete the Singing Mountain Clan Trust collection, which rewards the Singing Mountain Trusted Badge.

    What next?​

    The Singing Mountain Clan Stronghold serves as the hub for the Witches of Dathomir Theme Park for the Singing Mountain Clan faction.

    There are a number of NPCs inside the stronghold that offer quests, as well as, a vendor.

    Sage Ha'zel​

    Sage Ha'zel offers Witches of Dathomir content intended for crafters. If the player is NOT one of the eight elite Artisan professions, she will tell the player to go away.

    She is located inside the Singing Mountain Clan stronghold on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir 151 432 4465 Sage Ha'zel;

    Sage Ha'zel: I've heard your name. I might have a task for you if you would be willing to help an old witch.
    You: What do you need from me?
    Sage Ha'zel: A long time ago, one of the great witches of the past created a number of shrines. They were meant to teach valuable lessons. However, youth nowadays care little for wisdom, they are all so busy grasping for power.
    You: Where do I get involved?
    Sage Ha'zel: The shrines have fallen into disrepair over the years. I've no longer the strength to travel the wilds to tend to the shrines. I need someone to repair the shrines to ensure that they are not lost to time.
    You: Yes I can do that.
    Sage Ha'zel: Thank you young one. Now, in order to do this, you will need to study the altar you are attempting to repair. There you will find some hints as to how the shrine should be restored. It will also help you draw up plans to craft the parts needed to complete the repair.
    You: Very well.
    Sage Ha'zel: Good, please hurry now.

    Herbalist Telo​

    Herbalist Telo offers the player a quest to gather herbs, as they did previously for Rubina in Toil and Trouble, but this time it's specifically for the Singing Mountain Clan.

    She is located inside the Singing Mountain Clan stronghold on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir 139 432 4476 Herbalist Telo;

    Herbalist Telo: Ah, you are finally here!
    You: You've been expecting me?
    Herbalist Telo: Of course, I have been! Oh wait, I understand, you must be simpleminded, poor thing. I'll try to explain in small words.
    You: Ok, I'll play along. Please. Explain. To. Me.
    Herbalist Telo: I use special plants to make special things. Those plants must be found and gathered for me. You are here to gather them and store them for me. Understand?
    You: How do I know which plants to pick? Where do I store them when I'm done?
    Herbalist Telo: Here are some simple descriptions. Once you have gathered all the herbs just bring them back here and put them in that basket nearby.
    You: Okay, just one last thing... where can I find these herbs?
    Herbalist Telo: Oh, all over! I often see some near the path down to the bridge. Some of the other Daughters of Allya have special places which they have discovered, perhaps you can ask around? You best get started, now, shoo.

    Following Quest: Singing Mountain Clan's Toil and Trouble >>

    Rancor Handler Izaryx​

    Rancor Handler Izaryx offers the player a questline revolving around the mutant rancors you fought previously for Rubina during her mutant rancor quest.

    She is located inside the Singing Mountain Clan stronghold on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir 152 432 4482 Rancor Handler Izaryx;

    Rancor Handler Izaryx: So the Mysterious Rubina has spoken for you, eh? Impressive. I hear you did some work for her during which you killed some rancor?
    You: Yes, mutant rancor.
    Rancor Handler Izaryx: I need you to hunt some of these abominations.
    You: What is the problem with mutant rancor?
    Rancor Handler Izaryx: Other than their appearance, do you know the real difference between the true rancor and the mutations?
    You: I'm not sure.
    Rancor Handler Izaryx: The rancor is actually a quite intelligent creature with mothers communicating to teach their young. In fact, I believe that they could eventually be taught to use weapons and wear armor!
    You: Unbelievable.
    Rancor Handler Izaryx: Yet true. These mutations, however, are mentally unstable and highly aggressive. They corrupt the breeding of the true rancor and degenerate the favorable qualities of the entire species.
    You: So that is why they are hunted?
    Rancor Handler Izaryx: It is. Now it seems that the numbers of these abominations are on the rise.
    You: Do you have any idea why?
    Rancor Handler Izaryx: Not really, but Clan scouts have located a cave that often seems to be guarded by a particularly large rancor. The aura of that cave is... unsettling.
    You: So you would like me to see what's going on in that cave and elimate mutated rancors?
    Rancor Handler Izaryx: Correct. Many, if not all, of the true rancor in this cave likely carry the seeds of mutation. If they must also be slain, that is acceptable.
    You: No problem.
    Rancor Handler Izaryx: Collect some blood from the mutations you slay for me to study.

    Following Quest: The Whole Truth >>

    Rancor Tamer Zideera​

    Rancor Tamer Zideera offers Witches of Dathomir content intended for entertainers. If the player is NOT an entertainer, she will tell the player to go away.

    She is located inside the Singing Mountain Clan stronghold on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir 152 432 4477 Rancor Tamer Zideera;

    Rancor Tamer Zideera: [Player's name], I've heard your name whispered among the sisters. I suspect that we share many of the same skills. If you are willing, I would like to ask for you help.
    You: What do you mean? I'm an entertainer; I'm known for dancing and musical skills.
    Rancor Tamer Zideera: As you might know, the daughters of Allya have an ancient allegiance with the rancors of this planet. However they are feral creatures and it is no simple task to entice one to live among us.
    You: Wait, you want me to 'convince' a rancor to live among you? With a Slitherhorn?
    Rancor Tamer Zideera: Rancors are actually more intelligent than you outworlders understand. However, their intelligence often becomes overwhelmed by their feral instincts.
    You: I'm with you so far.
    Rancor Tamer Zideera: In order to bring the rancor here you'll need to put the beast at ease and sooth it's feral instincts. Music and dance can both help calm the aggressive nature of the rancor. In addition you will need to apply a salve we brew. This salve will give you a scent that the rancors identify as friendly.
    You: So the rancor won't attack me at all?
    Rancor Tamer Zideera: Uh well... about that.
    You: This should be good.
    Rancor Tamer Zideera: Well, you'd need to get close to the rancor. Close enough for it to see and smell you. Then you'd need to use your music or dance to calm the beast. However rancors being rancors, sometimes they will simply attack out of instinct. If that happens all you can really do is run. Once it gives up the chase you return and try again.
    You: I'll do it. It's crazy, but still, it can't be worse than Mos Eisley Cantina on a Saturday night.
    Rancor Tamer Zideera: Thank you. Remember you will have to act fast. The salve will only retain its effectiveness for an hour. After that you'll have no chance of calming the rancor. Simply lead the rancor back to the Singing Mountain.

    Culinarian Vhaunda​

    Culinarian Vhaunda offers the player an opportunity to hunt and fish for the Singing Mountain Clan.

    You ARE able to take both of her quests at the same time.

    She is located inside the Singing Mountain Clan stronghold on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir 140 432 4489 Culinarian Vhaunda;

    Culinarian Vhaunda: We are looking for people who are willing to help us gather food. If you are willing to help I could use people capable of hunting or fishing.

    Hunting Quest​

    You: I can do some hunting.
    Culinarian Vhaunda: Very well. Find and kill five Bolmas, then bring me their meat. While they can be fierce creatures they provide a good meal if you can bring them down.

    Fishing Quest​

    You: I will bring you some fish.
    Culinarian Vhaunda: Very well, catch five fish and return here when you are done.

    Arch Witch Azzenaj​

    Arch Witch Azzenaj offers the player a questline revolving around the Spider Clan.

    She is located inside the Singing Mountain Clan stronghold on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir 149 432 4499 Arch Witch Azzenaj;

    Arch Witch Azzenaj: Looking to prove yourself useful to the Singing Mountain Clan, are you, Offworlder? Well, our misfortune can be your opportunity. Are you willing to assist the Clan?
    You: I am.
    Arch Witch Azzenaj: So. And so. This, then, is the problem. I have sent Initiates out to gather herbs from a particularly fertile area some distance away. They have not returned.
    You: Your students are tardy. Is that it?
    Arch Witch Azzenaj: Yes. My duties here preclude me from retrieving them and my spells of Seeking have failed; which is most unusual.
    You: So you want me to go see what's happened to them and tell them it's time to come home, right?
    Arch Witch Azzenaj: Agreed. I will contact you when you have reached the herb field; try not to be too frightened.

    Following Quest: Lost >>

    Aujante K'Lee​

    Aujante K'Lee offers the player quests to lower the population of the Spider Clan and Nightsisters, or quests related to the sisters of the void.

    She is located inside the Singing Mountain Clan stronghold on Dathomir.
    /way dathomir 167 433 4483 Aujante K'Lee;

    Aujante K'Lee: There are many things that weigh heavily on my mind, Outworlder. Among other things, there are the growing concern of this Spiderclan as well as the omnipresent concern of the Nightsisters. Will you offer your aid in these?

    Decreasing Spiderclan Numbers Quest​

    You: What about the Spiderclan?
    Aujante K'Lee: As if one clan of Nightsister were not trouble enough, now this rogue group has begun to gain power and influence.
    You: Perhaps the clan numbers should be reduced?
    Aujante K'Lee: Though I hate to do so, I fear I must agree with you. I ask only this: try to make their end swift; their suffering light.

    Following Quest: Outlaws >>

    Decreasing Nightsisters Numbers Quest​

    You: What about the Nightsisters?
    Aujante K'Lee: The question of how to deal with the Nightsisters has always troubled the other clans. Recently, however, they have grown ever more bold; perhaps they, too, have Outworlder assistance. Whatever the case, we can no longer continue to concede to their evil.
    You: The only way to lessen their threat is to lessen their numbers.
    Aujante K'Lee: Though I am loathe to admit it, those are my thoughts exactly. Please, just be quick and clean about it.

    Following Quest: A Tale of Two Clans >>

    Voidsisters Questline​

    You: You mentioned 'other things'?
    Aujante K'Lee: Indeed I did. Some time ago I sensed a disturbance in the aura of the planet. Over time this disturbance has grown. Not a single scout that left to investigate has yet returned; all are feared lost. I have hope that your particular Outworlder skills may prove sufficient to the task of dealing with this potential threat.
    You: I'm ready for anything.
    Aujante K'Lee: I hope so, as that is precisely what you may face.

    Following Quest: Recon >>

    Singing Mountain Clan Vendor​

    The Singing Mountain Clan Vendor is the official vendor for the Singing Mountain Clan faction in the Witches of Dathomir Theme Park. However, she does not accept credits...

    She is located near the entrance of the Singing Mountain Clan stronghold.
    /way dathomir 137 432 4494 Singing Mountain Clan Vendor;