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Camp Alpha Items

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  • Camp Alpha Items is a collection, that takes place within the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir.

    You can start this collection by collecting any of the Camp Alpha items.

    You will complete this collection when you collect all 10 Camp Alpha items.
    /way dathomir -5917 -6656 Bloody Knife;
    /way dathomir -5917 -6658 A Broken Rifle;
    /way dathomir -5915 -6662 A Signal Flare;
    /way dathomir -5912 -6667 A Camera;
    /way dathomir -5912 -6669 A Datadisk Letter;
    /way dathomir -5915 -6676 A Dirty Stuffed Bantha;
    /way dathomir -5917 -6679 A Torn Shirt;
    /way dathomir -5931 -6681 Radio Antenna;
    /way dathomir -5936 -6667 Movement Sensor;
    /way dathomir -5935 -6664 Cracked Helmet;

    Reward: XP and progress towards the Camp Collectibles collection