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Research Facility Items

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  • Research Facility Items is a collection, that takes place within the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir.

    You can start this collection by collecting any of the Research Facility items.

    You will complete this collection when you collect all 10 Research Facility items.
    /way dathomir -7377 -7356 A Cracked Datapad;
    /way dathomir -7535 -7455 A Frequency Scanner (Behind Cornburr);
    /way dathomir -7506 -7411 A personal Locator;
    /way dathomir -7374 -7470 A Medical Canister;
    /way dathomir -7391 -7550 Patients Records;
    /way dathomir -7494 -7467 A Supply Crate;
    /way dathomir -7278 -7575 An Emergency Generator;
    /way dathomir -7269 -7445 An Auto Syringe;
    /way dathomir -7431 -7507 A Stuffed Star Destroyer (Behind the Undead Rancor spawn point);
    /way dathomir -7316 -7518 A Broken Rifle;

    Reward: XP and progress towards the Camp Collectibles collection