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Camp Beta Items

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  • Camp Beta Items is a collection, that takes place within the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir.

    You can start this collection by collecting any of the Camp Beta items.

    You will complete this collection when you collect all 10 Camp Beta items.
    /way dathomir -6295 -7515 Batteries;
    /way dathomir -6297 -7522 Medical Kit;
    /way dathomir -6277 -7524 Braclet;
    /way dathomir -6284 -7522 Survival Kit;
    /way dathomir -6282 -7522 Damaged Pistol;
    /way dathomir -6277 -7521 Emergancy Rations;
    /way dathomir -6279 -7518 A Broken Radio;
    /way dathomir -6289 -7517 ID Card;
    /way dathomir -6291 -7516 Flash Light;
    /way dathomir -6273 -7528 Cracked Stormtrooper Armor;

    Reward: XP and progress towards the Camp Collectibles collection