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Another Crashed Ship

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  • This quest is part of the Marauder Theme Park questline.

    Previous Quest: << Punish Indar

    King Terak - Comm message: Do you feel it? Can you sense it, subtle yet pervasive, lurking all around us? Something new is on the planet. My scouts report a ship has crashed not far from here. A ship that must contain the power. You will bring us the power, right?

    There was a time when each of us were kings of the stars. We rode great warships in the vastness of space, terrorizing the galaxies with the mere mention of our name. And now? We must compete against miserable little fuzzballs who nub nub and yub yub. Can you tell me you don't want to leave as well? Destroy those who defend the ship and bring us the power. Search the area and bring back anything you find. Our return to glory is nigh!

    Pop-up: You seem to remember seeing a ship go down far East of here after a recent space battle.

    Level: 80
    King Terak requested that you bring back power from another crashed ship.

    Recommended combat level: 80 and with a group

    The Crashed Ship (again)​

    This time the crash is in the very far SE of the planet, so starting at the Research Outpost will be your closest port. The wp is a bit NE from the Condor Dragon wp you did earlier.

    /way endor 6951 -5846 another crashed ship;

    Locate the Device​

    Another ship, another pack of mandalorians. While you "could" fight your way through them to get to the item you need, an easy way to complete this is to stay in your vehicle and fly right up to the container you need, radial it, click 1, and fly off. This can be a bit tricky though depending on the vehicle you are in, so if you wish to be safe, simply clear a path to the box, loot it, and leave. Each group member will have to do this individually. The box is up against the ship, having your "show all object names" on should allow you to see it easily.

    Return to the King​

    King Terak - Comm message: Yes, I can FEEL the power in this device. It is great, it is mighty. The power has come to us! Scholar Szingo will know what to do with this.

    • 10,000 XP
    • 80,000 credits