Eliminate the Mantigrue | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Eliminate the Mantigrue

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  • This quest is part of the Marauder Theme Park questline.

    Fightmaster Jorak - Comm message: Ummm -- it is bad when the little remmers get the Patch-skin Sickness. The big beasts eat the sick remmers, and the sickness drives the big things mad. A mantigrue has gone mad and threatens the tribe. Kill it to prove your might. Some call it a condor dragon. Big scaled flying monster. The young, they dream bad dreams about it. Will you kill it? Against the mantigrue, even I, Fightmaster Jorak, have taken wounds. Watch for its claws!

    There will be an in-game popup and the quest will update when you select OK.

    Mantigrues are naturally attracted to tall objects and can be found flying around them.

    Level: 80
    Fightmaster Jorak has asked that you destroy the Condor Dragon.

    Recommended combat level: 80 and with a group

    Locate the Condor Dragon​

    Locate the Condor Dragon

    Make your way to the waypoint below. When you arrive to the waypoint, the quest will update.
    /way endor 6127 -6633 Condor Dragon;

    Destroy the Condor Dragon

    Destroy the Condor Dragon

    Kill the Condor Dragon and the quest will update.
    • Condor Dragon is a CL80 boss level NPC

    Return to Fightmaster Jorak​

    Return to Fightmaster Jorak

    Return to Fightmaster Jorak and speak with them.

    Fightmaster Jorak: What a warrior! Still not as strong as Fightmaster Jorak, but still impressive. Go talk with Charal. She requires assistance.

    This completes the quest. Fightmaster Jorak will tell you to go speak with Charal. Find them and speak with them to move onto the next quest.
    /way endor -4563 -2297 Charal;

    Charal: As, Fightmaster Jorak has sent you to serve me I see.
    You: Umm... I guess so. I'll serve you.
    Charal: You have the distinct honor of serving Charal, Witch-Queen of this god-forsaken moon. This blighted excuse for a moon is not what I had in mind when I escaped my home planet of Dathomir. After my concoction has come to completion, I will know how much longer I must remain upon this nightmare of a world. I am in need of a spleen from those disgusting rodents, Ewoks. Bring me back a spleen and you will please me.

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