The Marauders? | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

The Marauders?

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  • This quest is part of the Marauder Theme Park questline.

    To begin the Marauders Theme Park, talk to Cindel who is located at:
    /way endor 3153 -3462 Cindel;

    Cindel: Help! Help! Help!
    You: Whoa whoa - what's the matter?
    Cindel: The Marauders! They're after us! Out in the forest!
    You: Alright little one. I'm not sure what a Marauder is, but I will go see what's out there.
    Cindel: Hurry!

    Level: 1
    Cindel told you there are Marauders in the forests of Endor. See what you can find out.

    Recommended combat level: 1

    Search for the Marauders​

    Cindel claims there are Marauders in the forest. See what you can find.
    • Navigate to the Marauder Stronghold point of interest on Endor
      • Once you arrive, the quest will update
    /way endor -4837 -2339 Marauder Stronghold;

    Talk with Scholar Szingo​

    Talk with Scholar Szingo
    • Scholar Szigno will be inside the Marauder Stronghold, find and speak with them
    /way endor -4618 -2295 Scholar Szingo;

    Scholar Szingo: More strangers wandering into our camp. I have had about enough of this despicable planet. Who are you? Who sent you? Quickly before we grow tired and decide to end you.
    You: I stumbled across your encampment and only want to help.
    Scholar Szingo: Help? If that means you can help the Marauders get off this forsaken planet, then we will put you to the test. These pesky Ewoks are constantly meddling with our plans and the wildlife on this planet has been getting in our way.
    You: And who are the Marauders exactly?
    Scholar Szingo: The Marauders are us - some of the most feared civilizations in the Galaxy of course! We fare from Sanyassa IV and made our way pillaging through worlds that stand in our way. Unfortunately, our ship crashed down on this infuriating planet and have been trying to get off it for quite some time now. What you see here is our base camp.
    You: If you're so feared, why have I never heard of the Marauders?
    Scholar Szingo: If you're not careful you will soon find out why we are so feared! While we Marauders have had certain... setbacks... recently, we will soon return as an all powerful force in the Galaxy. Everyone shall once again know us by name! Once we repair our ship we will be gone from this disgusting place.

    This completes the quest. Speak with Scholar Szingo to move onto the next quest.

    • 20,000 credits

    Scholar Szingo: We could use some assistance. If you prove trustworthy, you will be rewarded with some of our prized possessions. Do you dare help us?
    You: Yes I would like to help the tribe.
    Scholar Szingo: If you have come to work then I am in need of a weapon. Our scouts encountered a group of pirates. It is likely their ship was shot down as well. Their leader used an interested weapon. It disintegrated one of our warriors. Kill this pirate leader and bring me his weapon. These pirates managed to fight off several of my warriors. My hope is that you have better luck.