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Find Charal's Servant

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  • This quest is part of the Marauder Theme Park questline.

    Previous Quest: << Ewok's Spleen

    Charal - Comm message: My poultice that will allow me to divine the future now needs the next ingredient. I will be pleased if you find my slave whom hasn't returned with it. They have a very keen nose for a certain type of herb that grows within the forest. They should have enough leaves by now but is rather dumb. What I wouldn't give for a more intelligent servant. You should be able to find him down the valley roads to the south and west.

    There will be an in-game popup and the quest will update when you select OK.

    Charal said her servant traveled down the South road that begins on the West end of the Stronghold.

    Level: 80
    Charal has asked you to find and bring back her servant.

    Recommended combat level: 80 and with a group

    Find Charal's Servant​

    Find Charal's Servant. Charal said to follow the path to the South and West.
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    • 10,000 XP
    • 60,000 credits