Eliminate the Arachne | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Eliminate the Arachne

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  • This quest is part of the Marauder Theme Park questline.

    Scholar Szingo - Comm message: King Terak was not pleased by the deaths of his men. Unfortunately, the witch Charal used her sorcery to prove she had nothing to do with the attack. But Terak will forgive this insult if you take care of an arachne that has been attacking our outposts. Report back to me once the spider is dead.

    There will be an in-game popup and the quest will update when you select OK.

    Commoners recently suggested there was a gigantic spider seen far East on Endor.

    Level: 80
    Scholar Szingo has asked that you hunt down a troublesome arachne and kill it.

    Recommended combat level: 80 and with a group

    Track the Arachne​

    Track the Arachne
    • Make your way to the far East side of Endor, where you will find a Rock Formation and many CL 80 elite level NPCs
    /way endor 5957 -13 Rock Formation;
    • When you arrive to the waypoint, the quest will update

    Search the Rock Formation​

    Search the Rock Formation
    • After you search the rock formation, the quest will update

    Destroy the Arachne​

    Destroy the Arachne
    • After searching the rock formation, a CL 85 boss level NPC will spawn
    • Once you kill the Arachne, the quest will update

    Return to Scholar Szingo​

    Return to Scholar Szingo
    • Return to Scholar Szingo and speak with them
    Scholar Szingo: Well done. King Terek will soon forget the loss of his warriors once he hears the news of the arachne's death.

    This completes the quest. Scholar Szingo will tell you to go speak with Fightmaster Jorak. Find them and speak with them to move onto the next quest.
    /way endor -4581 -2243 Fightmaster Jorak;

    Fightmaster Jorak: Scholar Szingo says you played a part in defeating the pirates and traitors. I am not convinced you can be trusted. Are you here to challenge me?
    You: I am not. I desire to help the tribe.
    Fightmaster Jorak: Those who challenge Fightmaster Jorak face certain death! You do not challenge me? You seek to help the tribe? Very well, kill the bloodseeker that attacks our livestock. Then you will show your bravery! The bloodseeker is a great many-legged warrior of the bark mites, fierce and relentless. We call it the Chirping Death. Maybe that is not such a good name. Face the bloodseeker and kill it. Then you will prove yourself worthy.