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    (This page is a work in progress - February 2023)

    First and foremost, starting a successful crafting business should be considered end-game content. Although not technically a profession, this page is intended to give folks to are interested in advancing their crafting career some helpful advice.

    Galaxy Macro Environment

    Character Limit

    Extraction Rate

    Market Opportunities





    Business Advice


    Come up with a nifty tag. When searching the Bazaar people will start to automatically know whose product it is and where it is located. •


    Canvas is a great resource for ideas. Make it easy to read with contrasting colors and large enough font.

    Advertise - But don’t spam or put super lengthy advertisements together. Put your location and what you offer.

    Stock Up!

    Having a large stock with your brand name signals you will have what players need. •


    Crafting is personal. People want to give credits to people who they know and become repeat customers.