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Gearing Up Guide: Getting you Combat-Ready

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  • Originally written as a guide to get into pvp by Shaake(Stack), this guide proved useful in pve as well and is being adapted to be more inclusive of all gameplay aspects.

    The purpose of this is to try to create an easy entry way for new players that want to jump some of the learning curve without having to search for resources.

    Lets go over what you'll need:

    1. Armor

    2. SEAs/Tapes

    3. Slicing

    4. Weapons

    5. Consumables

    6. How to find pvpers

    7. Closeout/Credits/Where to buy

    1. Armor​

    There are 4 types of armor.
    • Innate armor: Teras Kasi Master
    • Recon armor: Smuggler, Rifleman, Pistoleer
    • Battle armor: Pikeman, Swordsman, Fencer, Carbineer, Creature Handler, Doctor, Combat Medic
    • Assault armor: Bounty Hunter, Squad Leader, Commando

    Professions will reduce the encumbrance of these armors when going up the tree.

    There are plenty of options for armor, "End game armors" are considered end game because of their higher durability. They last longer which increases the usable time of your investment. Ensure you're buying armor with sockets.

    When an armor chest plate is made, it can have a stat "baked" in. For example, 14 ranged general, 14 melee general.

    All armor pieces that offer protection can also have health added to them.

    Innate Armor​

    • This type of armor is from the Teras Kasi Master profession, and provides armor when no armor is being worn
    • I would not recommend this at all for pvp

    Recon Armor​

    • Look for the highest durability
    • Do not choose Ubese Armor, because the chest piece includes left and right biceps which reduces the amount of tapes you can use
    • Can have Peko feathers, which can provide up to a maximum of 175 health increase for a full suit of recon armor

    Battle Armor​

    • Look for RIS armor, as it offers the highest durability and will last you the longest out of all the battle armor
    • Can have both Peko feathers and Krayt scales, which can provide up to a maximum of 700 health increase for a full suit of battle armor

    Assault Armor​

    • Look for Crafted Bounty Hunter armor, as it offers the highest durability and will last you the longest out of all the assault armor
    • Can have Peko feathers, which can provide up to a maximum of 175 health increase for a full suit of assault armor

    Talking to an armorsmith to create a custom suit will be your best bet instead of trying to find them on vendors.

    2. SEAs/Tapes​

    These are Skill Enhancing Attachments, these are one of the largest and costliest upgrades.
    250k credits for maxed, you can buy lower ones for significantly less when starting out but ultimately you'll want the best ones. You will buy 12 total SEAs, 3 exotics and 9 regulars.

    These are split into 2 groups, exotics and regular SEAS.

    Exotics or Exotic SEAs can be added to weapons, shirts, and chest armor they are called exotics because you can add special stats on these unlike the regular tapes.

    Example of a max exotic: 17 one handed accuracy, 17 one handed speed, 3 one handed melee action cost


    You'll attach these to:

    Regular tapes will be added to the rest of your armor, these are regular because they do not have special stats and instead have regular attributes.

    Example of max SEA: 35 defense general, 35 melee general, 35 toughness boost. The following picture is not maxed but can be an affordable alternative when starting out

    These can be added to:

    -Left and Right Bicep
    -Left and Right Bracer
    -Personal Shield Generator

    3. Slicing​

    You can slice any armor with protection including your personal shield generator(psg)
    This includes all armor excluding gloves and boots, as they do not provide protection.

    Armor Slicing:
    There are a number of different slices that can be completed, the customization will total 100%

    Current pvp meta is:
    • 75% armor break reduction for 60%
    • 40% drop resilience for 25%
    • 1% absorption for 15%

    Weapon slicing
    There are a number of different slices that can be completed, the customization will total 100%

    Current meta is:
    • 8% damage slice for 60%
    • 2% speed slice for 20%
    • 3% critical shot chance for 20%

    If you're still with me, your armors should look something like this:

    Personal Shield Generator(PSG)

    Helmet Chest

    4. Weapons​

    You need a custom weapon made by a weaponsmith to be viable, currently kinetic weapons are the strongest in pvp, but either energy or kinetic works for pve. For the example, we'll follow the pvp meta.

    Looted weapons, and quest weapons are not enough. If you receive or find a weapon skin you like you can have that one turned into a schematic then created by a weaponsmith.
    For this section we will just touch on ranged weapons, melee weapons are similar.

    Example, rifles Jenkins J-1 is the current go to weapon
    Your weapon base type will be Kinetic, similar to armor you will add an exotic SEA and slice the weapon as explained before.

    Augments can also be added at the time of creation. The following is an example of 225 health increase but you can also add 225 action instead of health

    And Ranged Critical Chance

    Weapon Pups

    You will want to keep a pup (powerup) on your weapon at all times, the increase in performance is too much not to have.

    You will be able to select damage, accuracy, or speed powerups. These have a certain amount of uses so I recommend buying a factory crate and having it on you at all times.

    They are ranged or melee specific so be aware which one you purchase.

    You will drag and drop these onto your weapon. Powerups will increase decay rate of the weapons.

    Example of melee, damage power up

    What your weapon will look like when finished:


    5. Consumables​

    Food, this section is huge. I’m just going to list all the food available for pvp. I try to have a
    factory crate of everything pertaining to the correct spec on me just in case.

    You have 2 stomach meters, Food and Drink. These both go to 100%

    Food fills the food meter

    Drink fills the drink meter

    In the next section 10 "Fill" is considered 10% capacity, you'll have a few that you will want on at all times, others will be situational for your professions and who you will be fighting, and lastly things you will be using during the fights as they have low duration.

    I’ll break this up into sections of

    -Always on


    -During fights

    Always on:


    During Fights:


    Spice and Stims
    -Booster Blue:
    Must be up during combat, after the 15 minute timer you will go through 30 seconds of sickness, avoid combat for this sickness.

    Even though you may have healing through professions, stims are an extra heal that can be used while stunned, or knocked down. Always have these available, they will save you.

    These are pricey, they are for min maxers that want every opportunity possible:

    They enhance, Bacta Toss, Bacta Spray, Bacta Jab, Bacta Infusion.

    Ensure you buy the proper ones for the skills you have. You can move these to a backpack to stop consuming charges. Each heal is one charge.


    6. How to find pvpers​

    The galaxy is a huge place, how is anyone supposed to find a special forces player?

    Get yourself a war intelpad

    Next Check “Factional Presence”

    This will show you which players are special forces (pvp flagged)

    Once you find which planet they’re on open your planetary map

    Select “Galactic Civil War Factional Presence” the green pin with yellow X will give you an approximate location of where the flagged person is. The pin will be placed within 500sq meters of the target.

    The pin updates around every minute so keep an eye on them. Pins do not display if they are over water, or inside a building

    7. Closeout/Credits/Where to buy​

    Just to close it out, PVP can seem intimidating but a lot of the things in this guide translate to PVE as well.

    Don’t be discouraged if it seems like you can’t win. I was slaughtered dozens of times, it really does take practice. Keep dueling, keep going SF (type /pvp twice), and keep taking bounties. For me personally I had such huge adrenaline rushes that I would always click the wrong thing, or forget something, or just tunnel vision until I died, it took me weeks of practice. I think Chupa and I have a record of 15-2 in his favour (I’ll get you back).

    If you want to practice you can usually find SF imperials outside of Mos Eisley Cantina

    Huge shoutout to the following who gave me lots of information and answered my questions when I was starting out in no particular order. Without them I’d still be in imperial theme park armor with a leveling pike getting slaughtered without food.


    And the adorable Rebel scum, who without them I wouldn’t keep logging in to go AFK outside of Mos Eisley with my buds


    Hope to see you out there, for the Empire!
    -Shaake (Stack)

    Where I get my stuff (this may not be up to date)
    These are not the only places to get it. We have plenty of awesome crafters across the galaxy, check the R3 trade channel for more

    Weaponsmith - Caligari - Custom weapons by appointment only

    Armorsmith - Ralna - Lok, Volcano Bay 3607, -5548

    Slicing - Remis - Remis#132 on discord

    One stop shop Oasis Mall
    Food - Suma - Tatooine, Mos Eisley 3604 -5672
    Stimpacks/Enhancers - Sawbones - Tatooine, Mos Eisley 3610 -5650
    Armorsmith/Weaponsmith - Sena - Tatooine, Mos Eisley 3610 -5650
    Spices/Pups - Sena - Tatooine, Mos Eisley 3610 -5650
    SEAs/Tapes - Philmor - Tatooine, Mos Eisley 3610 -5650

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