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Helpful Tips For Space

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  • Helpful Tips For Space​

    WIP page for new player space information

    General Information and Tips​

    Repairing Your Ship​

    Whenever you are destroyed in space you respawn near a neutral space station. The first thing you should do is target the station with 'c' and then '/comm' the station to request repairs. Failure to repair your ship before landing will result in being unable to launch it. You will then have to go buy repair kits to manually repair components, at much more cost than using the station, before you can fly again.

    Heavy Starter Kits​

    The starting ships(Z-95, Scyk, and Light TIE Fighter) all have high mass variants, often called Heavy variants. While the starter ship has no room for refitting due to exceedingly low mass, the heavy starter ships have plenty of mass to fit what you need to easily get through half of pilot progression.

    A heavy starter kit is a backpack(searchable under Misc>Wearable Container), that contains a Heavy variant starter ship as well as a full fit of Certification 3 parts. After completing the Equipment I box of pilot, it is recommended to purchase one of these kits to upgrade from your starting ship.

    As you progress further in pilot you can swap in parts as you unlock higher certification gear. With proper fitting and use of droid commands, the heavy variant can take you until the 14th box of pilot where you can get your faction's superiority fighter.

    Tips for Using KBM​

    Even though JTL is an expansion for a PC game, the KBM controls for space are subpar, with many players prefering to use a HOTAS.

    Useful default keyboard shortcuts:
    cTarget nearest station
    [ ]Cycle target subsystems
    tCycle hostile targets(random order)
    xCycle targets under reticle
    iInspect target
    uDock with target
    zCycle hostile players
    pCycle friendly players

    There are a few options that can be adjusted to improve the feel of mouse handling in space, but there is no good preset. Adjust to your own personal flavor:
    • Game Mouse Sensitivity under Options>Controls(affects ground)
    • Game Mouse Dead Zone under Options>Controls(affects targeting mode on ground)
    • Mouse's DPI


    Ship components are referred to in a shorthand of a letter; e for engine, c for capcitor, etc; and a number; 1-0, with 0 being 10; for certification, for example a w0 is a certification 10 weapon and e6 is a certification 6 engine.

    Additionally multiword stats are abbreviated as well, with the most common being:
    • VSA = versus armor
    • VSS = versus shield
    • RED = reactor energy drain
    • EPS = energy per shot
    • PYR = pitch, yaw, and roll(actually 3 stats)
    • TS = top speed


    Jousting is a common strategy for dealing with very tanky enemies, like gunboats. You approach the enemy from head on at high speed, taking evasive maneuvers to avoid there fire while damaging them as much as possible. Once you pass the enemy, they stop hitting your damaged front shields and start hitting your full rear shields allowing you to safely fly out of range and recharge before another 'joust'.

    Pilot and Mission Tier​

    Like NPCs, player pilots have tiers associated with them. The starting box is Tier 0, boxes 2-5 are Tier 1, 6-9 are Tier 2, etc. All missions and duties have a tier(generally based on the enemy spawn tiers), and you mustcompleted the tier below a mission/duty to be able to take it. For example, to take the Tier 3 Void Wing duty, you need to have compelted Tier 2 pilot.

    Common Issues​

    How to avoid selling good loot and RE parts​

    The chassis dealer does not discriminate when buying looted parts, this includes Reverse Engineered parts as well. Their grubby fingers will even reach into your backpack to grab that nice drop you were trying to keep.

    The best solution to this is storage droids. A properly built storage droid can hold up to 30 items, the chassis dealer cannot steal from it, and you can still fit your ship from a droid's inventory. You can purchase multiple storage droids to hold all your valuable loot, ordnance relods, and post RE parts so you can see them in the fitting window and keep them safe and sound from the chassis dealer.

    Booster button 'b' not working​

    There is a long standing bug where 'b' stops toggling your booster. There is no definitive cause or solution at this time. The workaround is to create a macro that is just '/boosterToggle' and then keybind that macro to use instead.

    I've upgraded my components, but I still can't beat X​

    While not necessary until endgame space content, droid commands can greatly enhance the capability of your ship, even early on, and make seemingly impossible challens much easier.

    If you are still unable to complete something, then you might need to ask for help. Some of the harder squadrons(Storm Squadron) and other quest lines(Nova Orion) are designed to be extremely difficult solo and become much easier with friends.

    Loading flight computers/astromech droids and commands​

    TODO: Add info about computers randomly falling out while fitting, chips getting eaten because capacity doesnt display, and fitting window never showing commands.

    TrackIR Support​

    Per the developers, TrackIR support is now deprected, with no intention of supporting it.