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    Getting Started​

    Choose A Faction and A Squadron​

    In this iteration of SWG, everyone initially logs into Mos Eisley to start their character. It seems natural to head over and talk to Dravis (Privateer Pilot Trainer) in the rear of the Mos Eisley Cantina. There are however other choices. If you speak with Mos Eisley Mayor Mikdanyell Guh'rantt, speak with Gendra, or do the Legacy Quest at some point you are given the quest Finding the Pilot Trainer.
    /way tatooine 3436 -4719 Mayor Mikdanyell Guh'rantt
    /way tatooine 3308 -4785 Gendra
    The mayor will then direct you to the various faction pilot trainers. There are quests Find the Rebel Alliance Pilot Trainer, Find the Smuggler Pilot Trainer, or Find the Imperial Pilot Trainer. The quests are not required to start with any of the pilot trainers. Each pilot trainer will give you the option for a free starter ship.
    Find the Smuggler Pilot Trainer (Level 1, No Reward)​
    /waypoint tatooine 3430 4 -4788 Dravis - Privateer Smugglers Alliance Pilot Trainer
    NOTE: This is a rebel aligned squad and the final mission will be against an Imperial Corvette.
    Find the Imperial Pilot Trainer (Level 1, No Reward))​
    /waypoint tatooine -1111 -3515 Lt. Akal Colzet - Imperial Storm Squadron Pilot Trainer
    Find the Rebel Pilot Trainer (Level 1, No Reward))​
    /waypoint tatooine -3000 2202 Commander Da'la Socuna - Rebel Crimson Phoenix Pilot Trainer

    Additional Privateer Squadrons​

    To join other privateer Squadrons you may need to talk to Gil Burtin in Bestine on Tatooine.
    /waypoint tatooine -1174 -3647 Gil Burtin - Privateer Squadron Recruiter
    Gil can point you to:
    /waypoint naboo -5497 4575 Captain Dinge - RSF Squadron
    NOTE: This is an imperial aligned squad and the final mission will be against a Rebel Corvette.
    /waypoint corellia -75 -4730 Sergeant Rhea - CorSec Squadron
    NOTE: This is a non-aligned squad and the final mission will be against either the Rebel or Imperial Corvette.

    Additional Rebel Squadrons​

    /waypoint corellia -5177 -2281 Captain Kreezo - Havoc Squadron
    /waypoint naboo 4763 -4784 V3-FX - Vortex Squadron

    Additional Imperial Squadrons​

    /waypoint naboo 5024 6728 Lt. Barn Sinkko - Imperial Inquisition Squadron
    /waypoint talus -2183 2259 Hakasha Sireeen - Black Epsilon Squadron

    Targeting Cursor Aid​

    Under Options>Interface there is an option 'Show Targeting Cursor Aid (starships only)'. This displays an adjustable ring when in your starship, intended to be used in targeting ordinance. To set it up, equip the ordinance you want to use, then disable a ship and slowly turn until you find the maximum angle at which your ordinance starts locking on. Adjust the circle size using the slider(right under the option in Options>Interface) to have the ship on the edge of the circle. You now have a display circle for your ordinance lock on.