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  • Pilot is an auxiliary profession. All player characters can be pilots, and it does not require any skill points.


    The pilot profession is associated with the three factions of the Galactic Civil War. Player characters must join either the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance in order to become an Imperial Pilot or Alliance pilot respectively. Declared players may also choose to become a freelance pilot. On the other hand, neutral player characters with no faction declaration can only become freelance pilots.


    Players must also choose a pilot Squadron to join. Each of the three factions has three Squadrons available to them.

    Alliance Pilot​

    Arkon's Havoc SquadronCaptain KreezoCorellia, Tyrena-5177 -2281Easy
    Crimson Phoenix SquadronCommander Da'la SocunaTatooine, Mos Espa-3002 2202Medium
    Vortex SquadronV3-FX (droid)Naboo, Moenia4764 -4795Hard

    Freelance Pilot​

    CorSec SquadronSergeant RheaCorellia, Coronet-275 -4730
    RSF Squadron (Imperial aligned)Captain DingeNaboo, Theed-5497 4575
    Smuggler Alliance (Alliance aligned)DravisTatooine, Mos Eisley3429 -4788

    Imperial Pilot​

    Black EpsilonHakasha SireenTalus, Imperial Outpost-2183 2259Medium
    Imperial InquisitionLt. Barn SinkkoNaboo, Kaadara5204 6728Easy
    Storm SquadronLt. Akal ColzetTatooine, Bestine-1110 -3514Hard

    Switching Squadrons​

    To switch your squadron, you must first speak to the respective pilot coordinator of you faction to resign from your current squadron, then speak to the Trainer of the squadron you wish to join. Note that your progress with your current squadron will not be saved.

    FactionPilot CoordinatorLocationWaypoint
    FreelanceGil BurtinTatooine, Bestine-1174 -3647
    AllianceJ'pai BrekCorellia, Tyrena-5073 -2342
    ImperialCommander LandauNaboo, Theed-5516 4403