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Neutral Ace Pilot Collection

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  • The Neutral Ace Pilot Collection is a collection that can be completed by defeating all of the Neutral Ace Pilots within the tier 7 duty missions that are available to Freelance Master Pilots in the Endor System.

    There are 3 boss waves throughout the duty mission, where one of the Neutral Ace Pilots will spawn, depending which boss wave it is.

    Neutral Ace PilotShipBoss Wave Spawn
    Boba FettKSE Firespray3
    Lando CalrissianYT-1300*3
    Tyber ZannKihraxz2
    4-LOMKSE Firespray2
    * Has turret(s) - very deadly!

    Once you've defeated all of the Neutral Ace Pilots, you will complete the Neutral Ace Pilot Collection.

    Reward: 10,000 Duty Mission Tokens, the Neutral Ace Vanquisher badge, and the Neutral Ace Pilot Slayer title

    Defeating any of the Neutral Ace Pilots also progresses a sub-collection called, Neutral Ace Pilot Quota.
    • After you've defeated 10 of any Neutral Ace Pilot listed above, you will complete the Neutral Ace Pilot Quota collection
    • You will be rewarded with the Neutral Ace Pilot Nemesis title