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Rebel Ace Pilot Collection

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  • The Rebel Ace Pilot Collection is a collection that can be completed by defeating all of the Rebel Ace Pilots within the tier 7 duty missions that are available to Imperial Master Pilots in the Dathomir System.

    There are 3 boss waves throughout the duty mission, where one of the Rebel Ace Pilots will spawn, depending which boss wave it is.

    Rebel Ace PilotShipBoss Wave Spawn
    Luke SkywalkerX-Wing3
    Wedge AntillesX-Wing3
    Tycho CelchuA-Wing?
    Arhul NarraX-Wing1
    Arvel CrynydA-Wing?
    Jan OrsB-Wing?
    Keyan FarlanderX-Wing?
    Tarrin DatchX-Wing2
    Derek KlivianY-Wing*3
    Pash CrackenA-Wing?
    * Has turret - very deadly!

    Once you've defeated all of the Rebel Ace Pilots, you will complete the Rebel Ace Pilot Collection.

    Reward: 10,000 Duty Mission Tokens, the Rebel Ace Onslaught badge, and the Rebel Ace Pilot Slayer title

    Defeating any of the Rebel Ace Pilots also progresses a sub-collection called, Rebel Ace Pilot Quota.
    • After you've defeated 10 of any Rebel Ace Pilot listed above, you will complete the Rebel Ace Pilot Quota collection
    • You will be rewarded with the Rebel Ace Pilot Nemesis title