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  • The Piracy system allows for space content almost on a par with Instances, in which players use interdiction technology to pull heavily armored convoys out of hyperspace. Once the convoys have been brought to a halt, players are then tasked with destroying the freighters and their escorts and will receive special rewards for doing so. Special components are required before the interdiction can take place. These components can be gained through Duty Missions.

    Interdiction Burst Generator​


    Interdiction Burst Generators (IBGs for short) are used to summon convoys, and are crafted by shipwrights. Resource quality has no effect on the final product. To obtain the schematic, either purchase it from Watto for duty tokens, or loot them from convoys themselves. Once you have an IBG, you will need to load it with a Convoy Flight Plan.

    Convoy Flight Plans​


    The Interdiction technology is not as powerful as it might sound. It only has the power to extend a gravity well over a small portion of space for a small amount of time. This means that you and your party will need to be in exactly the right spot in order to bring the convoy to a halt. To obtain the convoy's flight plans, you must go through the memory banks of looted Droid Interfaces that might hold some vital data. Players should use Droid Interface Scanners to do this.

    With both the Interdiction Burst Generator and the Convoy Flight Plans in your inventory, use the radial menu on the plans to load it into the generator. By examining the generator, you will be told which Space sector (region) to go to find your convoy.

    The Convoy​

    When you're in the proper space sector, radial the Interdiction Burst Generator and choose Create Waypoint. It will add a waypoint to your datapad named Interdiction Location. Go exactly on that waypoint and radial again the IBG and choose Deploy Generator. A beacon will begin to emit the luring transmission for a few seconds and the yellow-con convoy will hyper in.

    We have left hyperspace as a result of an unforeseen gravitational event. All hands to battle stations, this could be an ambush.

    The difficulty of the convoy depends upon the Security Rating of the Convoy Flight Plans, with a slight random factor, and the number of people in the group upon placing the interdiction beacon. Each player, excluding alts, will get their own crate of components and contribute to the upscaling. The base spawns will always be Tier 5 opponents. The upscale per person are rough estimates at this time and there may be some variance.:

    • Security Rating 1: Cargo vessel, 1 Assault Gunboat, 2-4 escort fighters (Upscale: 0-1 increase of normal spawn and 1 tier 6 Ixiyen per person)
    • Security Rating 2: Cargo vessel, 2 Assault Gunboats, 1 Nova Courier or YT-1300, 4 escort fighters (Upscale: 0-1 increase of normal spawn and 1 tier 7 Ixiyen per person)
    • Security Rating 3: Cargo vessel, 2 Assault Gunboats, 1 Nova Courier or YT-1300, 4 escort fighters (Upscale: 0-1 increase of normal spawn and 1-2 tier 7 Ixiyen per person)
    • Security Rating 4: Cargo vessel, 3 Assault Gunboats, 1-2 Nova Couriers, 1-2 YT-1300, 4-5 escort fighters (Upscale: 0-1 increase of normal spawn, 1 tier 7 VT-49 Decimator, and 1-2 tier 7 Ixiyen per person)
    • Security Rating 5: Cargo vessel, 4 Assault Gunboats, 1-3 Nova Couriers, 1-3 YT-1300, 6-8 escort fighters (Upscale: 0-1 increase of normal spawn, 1 tier 8 VT-49 Decimator, and 1-2 tier 8 Ixiyen per person)

    Escort fighters can be: Rihkxyrk Attack Ship (bombers), Dunelizard Starfighter (medium fighter), ...

    Cargo Vessels usually hold 3 turrets and can be: HC-A1A Medium Cruiser, Warlord Cruiser, ... or an unarmed Transport.

    You have 10 minutes(solo) or 15 minutes(in a group + 30 seconds per security rating above 1) to do all of the following: destroy all of the Cargo vessel's escorts, disable the vessel itself (DO NOT DESTROY THE CARGO VESSEL!!) and complete the docking procedure.

    If the player who spawned the convoy dies, he can come back to continue the battle until the end of the mission timer.

    Upon disabling the Cargo Vessel, a separate 5 minute timer is started. If either timer reaches 0, the Cargo Vessel will jump out into hyperspace if he's not disabled or ignite an auto-destruction sequence if he's disabled. In both situations, it will mean failure.

    To dock with the Cargo vessel, target it and use the "u" key to retrieve the No-Trade Crate of Components. Opening the Crate of Components will yield your loot, usually between 8 and 15 items related to space ships(this quantity is halved for anyone completing the convoy in a gunship).

    The Loot​

    A crate of components
    Incom Elite II Prototype Engine Schematic
    Weapon Efficiency Booster Schematic
    High Capacity Projector Shield Schematic
    • More Convoy Flight Plans
    • A chance for Nym's starmap drops (if not in a gunship)
    • More Interdiction Burst Generator (Schematic)
    • More Interface Scanner (Schematic)
    • Exclusive Pilot command chips
      • Ready Chip: Hyperspace algorithm for the Kessel System
      • Ready Chip: Imperial hyperspace algorithm for Deep Space
      • Ready Chip: Rebel hyperspace algorithm for Deep Space
    • Exclusive components and schematics
      • Schematic: Incom Elite II Prototype Engine (POB ship only)
      • Schematic: Weapon Efficiency Booster (crafted weapon subcomponent that lowers drain)
      • Schematic: High Capacity Projector Shield - MK5 (crafted shield subcomponent that increases mass but also shield effectiveness)
      • T86 Shooting Star Engine (High-speed L6 engine)
      • Kuat Engineering Systems TC-62 engines (High-speed L10 engine)
      • Moncal Ionweb Prototype B Shield (L6 Shield with high front/back hitpoints)
      • Taim Torton Heavy Shield L10 shield with high front/back hitpoints)
    • Random raw ship parts
    • Pilot Tree Rewards:
      • Incom "K-77" Shield Generator
      • Mon Calamari "D-22" Droid Interface
      • Novaldex "Hypernova" Starship Booster
      • Taim & Bak "Ion Driver"
      • Corellian Engineering Corp. Triplate Armor
      • Qualdex Capacitator Battery Array
      • Incom Military-Grade Starfighter Engine
      • Slayn & Korpil "Hypervortex" Reactor
      • Taim & Bak Military-Grade Shield Generator
      • Novaldex Low-Latency Droid Interface
      • Qualdex "Halcyon" Starfighter Boosters
      • Incom "Tri-Cannon"
      • Cygnus "Starblaster" Disruptor
      • Sienar Fleet Systems Light Military Grade Durasteel
      • Republic Sienar System Ion Booster
      • Rendili Dual-Projector Shield Generator
      • Rendili "K-Class" Weapon Capacitor
      • Sienar Fleet Systems Military Grade Droid Interface
      • Sienar Design Systems High-Output Reactor
      • Cygnus "Megadrive" Starship Engine
      • Sienar Design Systems "Boltdriver"
      • Cygnus "Holoscreen" Shield Generator
      • Republic Sienar Systems Special Durasteel
      • Republic Sienar Systems Advanced Military Grade Reactor
      • Hoersch-Kessel Military-Grade Blaster
      • MandalMotors "M Series" Booster
      • Koensayer "DS-23" Reactor
      • SoroSuub "W-19" Droid Interface
      • SubPro Military-Grade Reactor
      • MandalMotors "Inferno" Starfighter Engine
      • SoroSuub "V-1" Weapon Capacitor
      • Kuat Systems Engineering Handcrafted Durasteel Plating
      • MandalMotors "Q Series" Booster
      • Borstel Disruptor
      • Armek "Plasma Web" Shield Generator
      • Haor Chall Military Grade Engine