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Space Battles

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    Space Battles were added to the game in August 2011 with Game Update 15. This addition added the T-Wing Interceptor, Tie Defender, and Havoc Starfighter, as well as a craftable version of the Vaksai Starfighter to the game.

    Space Battles take place in five different Space sectors on a continual rotating schedule. Space Battles in Dantooine and Tatooine occur concurrently, as do Corellia and Lok, followed by Naboo.

    The faction that controls the planet will be the defenders, and the opposing faction the attackers. The location of the battle can be found as a Point of Interest (POI) waypoint in the map.

    The Battle

    When each Space Battle Starts, a capital ship of belonging to the defending side will spawn in the system, followed by the attacking side's capital ship one minute later, within 2km of the defending ship, and start to close the distance. Waves of Tier 7 Ships will spawn from both the capital Ships and engage each other. As well, there is a large chance that an Ace Pilot will spawn.

    Some battles require that you must be of the correct status (Combatant or Special Forces) in order to take part (the /spacebattle <system> command will alert you to whether you must be flagged to take part - see macro sample below) - Freelance pilots can use their Space Factional Commands to choose a side. Currently, there is a bug that means to reliably get rewards you must always be SF in space battles. Additionally, if you are neutral on the ground, you must be declared a faction helper on the ground, in addition to SF in space, to get rewards from the space battle.

    In order to win, members of either side must completely destroy the opponents' capital ship. If neither capital ship has been destroyed within the allotted time, the defenders are declared the victors.

    Players do not need to be in the system at the start of the battle in order to take part, but do need to remain in the system until the battle ends to receive credit for participation. Being destroyed and being a great distance away does not affect your ability to receive credit.

    Taking part in a space battle earns the player some GCW points and tokens according to the following participation tiers:
    • Tier 1 (5 Tokens): Damage the enemy capital ship or an enemy fighter.
    • Tier 2 (15 Tokens): Kill an enemy fighter or damage a component of the enemy capital ship.
    • Tier 3 (25 Tokens): Kill an enemy player within 4000m of a capital ship, kill an enemy NPC ace Pilot, do the most damage to fighters, or do the most damage to capital Ships.
    These value are multiplied by two if you are on the winning side, and multiplied by another two if you are Special Forces for the battle.


    The tokens earned from taking part in these battles can be used to buy the new starfighter schematics or a set of new components. The vendors selling these items are located as follows:

    Rebel Token Vendor: In Rebel Outpost (Rori) at /way Rori 3701 -3434 Rebel Token Vendor.

    Imperial Token Vendor: In the Imperial Military Outpost (Talus) at /way Talus -2239 2236 Imperial Token Vendor.

    Macro for checking Space Battle Status across systems:

    Space Battle Sample Macro:

    /pause 0.25;
    /say Space Battle Report;
    /pause 2;
    /spacebattle Corellia;
    /pause 4;
    /spacebattle Dantooine;
    /pause 4;
    /spacebattle Lok;
    /pause 4;
    /spacebattle Naboo;
    /pause 4;
    /spacebattle Tatooine;
    /pause 4;
    /say Nav setting for Space Battle;
    /say Cor: Set Nav to Trilecta Star 5.6km;
    /say Dant: Set Nav to Isryn's Veil 10.1km;
    /say Lok: Set Nav to Voria's Ember 3.7km;
    /say Naboo: Set Nav to Penumbra Omen 8.2km;
    /say Tat: Set Nav to Deep Sea 5.2km;