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New Player Locations

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  • New Player Locations​

    Copy and paste the waypoints commands below into your chat. This will add markets for important locations.

    Trainer Locations within Buildings​

    Trainers are located on many planets but always in populated areas of civilization. Trainers teach the up and coming adventurers, crafters & soldiers the fundamentals of a profession the Trainer is specialized in.

    The primary method for players to learn skills in SWG is from skill trainers. Skill Trainers are NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that can train you in a specific profession.

    NPC Trainers will require that players have the necessary experience requirements to train in a skill box, and they will also have a monetary requirement to train as well.

    Choosing the "Converse" option, from your radial menu, on a skill trainer will initiate the conversation necessary to train at that trainer.

    Combat trainers located in Guild Hall:
    Room 1 - Ranger, Scout, Creature Handler,
    Room 2 - Brawler, Fencer, Teras Kasi, Lancer, Berserker
    Room 3 - Sharpshooter, Sniper, Commando, Pistoleer, Carbineer, Smuggler
    Room 4 - Bounty Hunter
    Room 5 - Squad Leader

    Crafter trainers #1 located in Guild Hall:
    Room 1 - Armorsmith
    Room 2 - Droid Engineer
    Room 3 - Weaponsmith, Artisan
    Room 4 - Architect
    Room 5 - Merchant

    Crafter trainers #2 located in Guild Hall:
    Room 1 - Bio-engineer
    Room 2 - Chef
    Room 3 - Artisan
    Room 4 - Tailor

    Medic, Combat Medic, and Doctor trainers are located in the Medical Center/Hospital of cities.

    Entertainer, Musician, Dancer, and Image Designer trainers are located in the Theatres of cities.

    For Pilot trainers see Pilot page.

    Tatooine - New Players' Starting Planet​

    Mos Eisley​

    /waypoint tatooine 3515 5 -4770 New Players - Doctor's Buffs and Heal Wounds
    /waypoint tatooine 3468 5 -4852 New Players - Entertainers' Buffs
    /waypoint tatooine 3481 5 -4685 New Players - Combat Trainers
    /waypoint tatooine 3430 7 -4728 New Players - Crafting Trainers
    /waypoint tatooine 3489 5 -4938 New Players - Bank and Bazaar
    /waypoint tatooine 3537 5 -4802 New Players - Spaceport

    Cybernetic Specialists​

    Sometimes, when cloning, an accident will occur and you will end up with a cybernetic. These specialists can uninstall and install cybernetics of any kind.

    /waypoint corellia -116 -4440 Coronet Cybernetic Specialist
    /waypoint tatooine 1296 3289 Mos Entha Cybernetic Specialist
    /waypoint naboo -4997 4145 Theed Cybernetic Specialist