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Meatlump Explosive Device Sabotage

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  • Meatlump Explosive Device is a collection, that is part of the Meatlump Sabotage Collection Tier 2 collection.

    To start this collection, you must receive the Muddle the Meatlumps quest from the Meatlump Themepark.

    To get credit towards the collection, you will need to defuse an Explosive Device. Once you complete the collection, you will get credit for the quest.

    This collection and the quest are repeatable!


    To get credit for a Meatlump explosive device, you must use a Bomb Defuser item, be on the Muddle the Meatlumps quest, and defuse the bomb successfully.

    The Bomb Defuser item is given to you for free by the Corellian Times Reporter, Halden Wes.

    /way Corellia -175 -4435 Halden Wes;


    The player will be given a random order of colored wires. You will need to select the same colored wire, or else the bomb will explode and you will be incapacitated. There is a time limit, which when expires, will also cause the bomb to explode.



    You must choose: green, then yellow, then red

    Any other order, will cause the bomb to explode.

    You may also purchase a Wire Cutters item, which when used prior to starting a puzzle, will give you more time before the bomb explodes and will also get rid of the wire options that you have already chosen.

    You may purchase this tool from the Corellian Times Vendor for 2 Meatlumps.

    /way Corellia -172 -4437 a Corellian Times Vendor;


    There are 12 Meatlump explosive devices in total.
    • 2 are located inside of the Meatlump Bunker
    • 10 are scattered around the galaxy
    /way Tatooine -5133 -6621 Explosive Device 1/12;
    /way Corellia -498 -4475 Explosive Device 2/12;
    /way Corellia -5293 -2370 Explosive Device 3/12;
    /way Dathomir -136 -1590 Explosive Device 4/12;
    /way Endor 3214 -3511 Explosive Device 5/12;
    /way Talus 4020 5242 Explosive Device 6/12;
    /way Lok 123 4891 Explosive Device 7/12 (DOWNSTAIRS);
    /way Naboo 4721 -5016 Explosive Device 8/12;
    /way Naboo -5910 4279 Explosive Device 9/12;
    /way Naboo -5003 4002 Explosive Device 10/12;
    /way Corellia -462 -4205 Explosive Device 11/12;
    /way Corellia -413 -4265 Explosive Device 12/12;

    Once you complete the collection, you will not be able to defuse the Meatlump explosive devices again until you complete the Muddle the Meatlumps quest and grab it again.

    Reward: XP, Meatlumps, and progress towards the Meatlump Sabotage Collection Tier 2 collection

    • Halden Wes will only give you a Bomb Defuser item if you don't have any in your inventory already
      • A way around this is to put the Bomb Defuser item in your bag and he will give you another one