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Meatlump Target Map

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  • Meatlump Target Map is a collection, that is part of the Meatlump Code Breaker Collection Tier 2 collection.

    To start this collection, you must receive the Muddle the Meatlumps quest from the Meatlump Themepark.

    To get credit towards the collection, you will need to decode a Target Map. Once you complete the collection, you will get credit for the quest.

    This collection and the quest are repeatable!


    To get credit for a Meatlump target map, you must use a Decryptor item, be on the Muddle the Meatlumps quest, and decode the secret word.

    The Decryptor item is given to you for free by the Corellian Times Reporter, Halden Wes.

    /way Corellia -175 -4435 Halden Wes;


    The player will be given a small paragraph and a red phrase where certain letters are replaced with special characters. You will need to figure out what the red phrase is, by figuring out what letter each special character replaces.

    You may also purchase a Decryption Toolset item, which when used prior to starting a puzzle, will make the red phrase much easier to decode, by keeping many of the original letters of the phrase the same and by making the phrase the name of a city or planet.

    You may purchase this tool from the Corellian Times Vendor for 2 Meatlumps.

    /way Corellia -172 -4437 a Corellian Times Vendor;

    Known phrases​

    Here is a list of known phrases that the target map will ask you to decode.

    Must enter them in lowercase!
    • alliance
    • banking terminals
    • bazaar terminals
    • cantina top floor
    • cantina bottom floor
    • cantina lounge
    • cantina rebel terminals
    • capital building generators
    • city spaceport
    • cloning facility
    • crafting stations
    • hotel lobby
    • medical center
    • shuttle port
    • shuttle port a
    • shuttle port b
    • spaceport terminals
    • speeder garage
    • starport terminals
    • theed palace
    • vaporators

    When using the Decryption Toolset item, the phrases are often cities or planets.
    • dantooine
    • tatooine
    • talus
    • naboo
    • nashal
    • theed


    There are 12 Meatlump target maps in total.
    • 2 are located inside of the Meatlump Bunker
    • 10 are scattered around the galaxy
    /way Corellia 3604 5824 Target Map 1/12;
    /way Lok 257 4639 Target Map 2/12;
    /way Corellia -3955 3171 Target Map 3/12;
    /way Talus 3963 5070 Target Map 4/12;
    /way Rori -5153 -2537 Target Map 5/12;
    /way Tatooine 3967 2425 Target Map 6/12;
    /way Naboo -5248 3664 Target Map 7/12;
    /way Naboo 4638 -5057 Target Map 8/12;
    /way Tatooine -5214 -6773 Target Map 9/12;
    /way Corellia -5702 -2328 Target Map 10/12;
    /way Corellia -560 -4212 Target Map 11/12 (Inside Meatlump Bunker);
    /way Corellia -436 -4231 Target Map 12/12 (Inside Meatlump Bunker);

    Once you complete the collection, you will not be able to decode the Meatlump target maps again until you complete the Muddle the Meatlumps quest and grab it again.

    Reward: XP, Meatlumps, and progress towards the Meatlump Code Breaker Collection Tier 2 collection

    • Halden Wes will only give you a Decryptor item if you don't have any in your inventory already
      • A way around this is to put the Decryptor item in your bag and he will give you another one