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Meatlump Weapon Sabotage

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  • Meatlump Weapon Sabotage is a collection, that is part of the Meatlump Sabotage Collection Tier 2 collection.

    To start this collection, you must receive the Muddle the Meatlumps quest from the Meatlump Themepark.

    To get credit towards the collection, you will need to sabotage a Meatlump Weapon Cache. Once you complete the collection, you will get credit for the quest.

    This collection and the quest are repeatable!


    To get credit for a Meatlump weapon cache, you must use a Power Cell Abatement item, be on the Muddle the Meatlumps quest, and sabotage the weapon cache successfully.

    The Power Cell Abatement item is given to you for free by the Corellian Times Reporter, Halden Wes.

    /way Corellia -175 -4435 Halden Wes;


    The player will be given 2 sets of triangles. One set on the top of the window and one set on the bottom. The goal here is to make the top triangles match the pattern on the bottom. You do this by clicking on the inner triangles, which will cause surrounding triangles to toggle on/off. You have a meter called "integrity" which starts at 100%. Each time you click a triangle, you lose 10% integrity. Once the top set of triangles match the bottom set, the puzzle completes.

    You may also purchase an Abatement Slice item, which when used prior to starting a puzzle, will make it so each click on a triangle will only consume 5% integrity instead of 10%.

    You may purchase this tool from the Corellian Times Vendor for 2 Meatlumps.

    /way Corellia -172 -4437 a Corellian Times Vendor;


    There are 12 Meatlump weapon caches in total.
    • 2 are located inside of the Meatlump Bunker
    • 10 are scattered around the galaxy
    /way Talus 3967 5073 Weapons Cache 1/12;
    /way Rori -5148 -2550 Weapons Cache 2/12;
    /way Tatooine 3960 2428 Weapons Cache 3/12;
    /way Naboo -5253 3662 Weapons Cache 4/12;
    /way Naboo 4641 -5050 Weapons Cache 5/12;
    /way Tatooine -5218 -6776 Weapons Cache 6/12;
    /way Corellia -5704 -2333 Weapons Cache 7/12;
    /way Corellia 3608 5822 Weapons Cache 8/12;
    /way Lok 263 4626 Weapons Cache 9/12;
    /way Corellia -3961 3156 Weapons Cache 10/12;
    /way Corellia -473 -4315 Weapons Cache 11/12 (Inside Meatlump Bunker);
    /way Corellia -449 -4289 Weapons Cache 12/12 (Inside Meatlump Bunker);

    Once you complete the collection, you will not be able to sabotage the Meatlump weapon caches again until you complete the Muddle the Meatlumps quest and grab it again.

    Reward: XP, Meatlumps, and progress towards the Meatlump Sabotage Collection Tier 2 collection

    • Halden Wes will only give you a Power Cell Abatement item if you don't have any in your inventory already
      • A way around this is to put the Power Cell Abatement item in your bag and he will give you another one